Digital Identities: DICE 4010

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Course Details

Analyze the impacts of digital technologies on notions of identity. You’ll examine how technologies constrain or open up ways of defining and representing yourself. We’ll cover topics like anonymous online discussion, video game avatars, digital counterpublics, and the quantified self. In a final project, you will collaboratively construct an identity and then analyze its form and possible meanings. This course is a hybrid course, with most course content delivered online along with face-to-face evening classes every two weeks.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Analyze a range of digital spaces, technologies and platforms that we use to create digital identities and communities.
  • Examine how digitally constructed identities and communities reinforce and/or disrupt cultural ideologies related to gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and/or socio-economic class.
  • Conduct an ethnographic research study illustrating and analyzing social media practices among a digital subculture.
  • Reflect on how our own digital identities are constructed and how one’s digital identity reflects/disrupts specific ideologies.

Sample Syllabus