Senior Synthesis Capstone: DICE 4900

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Course Details

The senior capstone course synthesizes the knowledge and skills gained in the program. In this course, you will examine what you have learned and what you plan to do with your new skills and knowledge. In this class, you will learn about various career pathways and revise your program portfolio. Your final portfolio will provide evidence of your communication and technical skills and give you samples of work that you can showcase to future employers.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain key concepts in computing, technological modes of production, and information/data flow
  • Evaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses of research sources, digital tools, technologies, interfaces, and artifacts
  • Analyze media, technology, and digital artifacts using interdisciplinary theories and methods
  • Examine how technologically mediated identities reflect and transform cultural ideologies of gender, nationality, ethnicity, sexuality, and social class
  • Design multimodal projects that demonstrate an engagement with and advocacy for social justice issues and are informed by digital rhetoric and an understanding of audience
  • Reflect upon their own work, roles, values, and identities related to digital culture

Sample Syllabus