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to the Seattle University Mission Priority Examen website. We look forward to having you participate in the process.

What is the MPE?

The Mission Priority Examen (MPE) is a self-study and peer review process for reaffirming the Jesuit, Catholic mission of Jesuit colleges and universities in the AJCU.

Titled the “Mission Priority Examen,” the process integrates a centuries-old practice of Ignatian reflection known as the Examen with clear pathways for dialogue and mission growth.

By inviting colleagues at AJCU schools to support each other’s institutional self-reflection, and by linking the sponsorship of the Society of Jesus more intentionally to the mission of the college or university, the MPE fosters a more effective network of Jesuit higher education.

Ignatian Tradition

The MPE is designed as a collaborative undertaking, rooted in the Ignatian tradition. While elements of it are reminiscent of academic accreditation, the underlying spirit is quite different.

An invitation by the Jesuits West Provincial, Fr. Sean Carroll, SJ initiated SU’s participation in the process. Fr. Carroll underscored particular areas of emphasis, on which SU will focus its reflection, including:

  • Strengthening the University community’s understanding and commitment to Seattle University’s Catholic and Jesuit mission and values.
  • Promoting initiatives, programs, and successes around diversity and inclusive excellence and its commitment to, and success with, students coming from under-resourced families and communities through its Catholic and Jesuit tradition and mission.
  • Grounding Seattle University’s Laudato Si’ Action Platform on its commitment to Care for our Common Home.


  • After wide-ranging campus discussions, the MPE committee will compile a brief Self-study and put forth two to four Jesuit Mission Priorities that lend clarity to our mission plans and commitments. The organizing document for self-study is Characteristics of Jesuit Higher Education: A Guide for Mission Reflection.
  • A Peer Team of trusted AJCU colleagues will visit SU in late November 2023, to engage in discussions with various campus constituencies, and provide feedback on SU’s Mission Priorities.
  • The Jesuit Superior General reviews all submitted materials, in order to reaffirm the school’s Jesuit, Catholic mission and provide guidance for its growth.
  • Finally, Seattle University implements its Mission Priorities and connects them to its strategic plan and other key documents and projects.

Contact Mission Priority Examen

Catherine Punsalan-Manlimos, Vice President for Mission Integration

Catherine Punsalan-Manlimos

VP for Mission Integration