Why apply?

Why Apply to Matteo Ricci

Each of our programs, listed below, have a specific set of benefits in addition to the perks of the college itself. Matteo Ricci College offers a cohort model in which students have the opportunity of forming lasting bonds with their peers throughout the duration of their education. Due to our small class sizes, an average amount of 25 students, professors interact with students on a higher, more personal level.

Why Apply

BAH Specific Qualifications

Students who fulfill any one of the following requirements are eligible for the dual-degree track:

  • Earn AP, IB, College in the High School, or Running Start credit in English Composition, US History, Math, Lab Science and/or Fine Arts.
  • Are from O'Dea, Archbishop Murphy, Kennedy Catholic, Forest Ridge, and Eastside Catholic and have taken Matteo Ricci College equivalent classes.
  • Complete a Matteo Ricci College course through Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy (JVLA).

Students complete the Humanities degree as an accelerated 3-year program and may choose to stay for a fourth year to earn a second degree.

Humanities Minor

Students may complete a Humanities Minor without being in a major within Matteo Ricci College; any undergraduate student may take advantage of this opportunity.

How to Apply

Prospective students may apply for any of our three degrees in Matteo Ricci College. At Seattle University, students may apply directly to their major of choice at the time of admission. Incoming first year students are encouraged to select their Matteo Ricci program at that time. Additionally, students may transfer into the program from another major based on advising from the Dean or Associate Dean.


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Interim Dean

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Dan Washburn

Associate Dean

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