Humanities for Teaching Internships

Tutoring: the most basic form of teaching

Unlike most undergraduate teacher preparation programs, Matteo Ricci College places its future teachers in the school setting during the first few weeks of freshman year. For their entire freshman year, students work as tutors in local schools, practicing the skills that make teachers effective. As students become more comfortable in the setting and gain confidence, the master teachers will often give the tutor more responsibility, up to and including teaching class lessons.

Sophomore Immersion

The second internship occurs during winter quarter of students' sophomore year. For three hours every morning, students work in a carefully selected classroom, tutoring individuals, leading small groups, and teaching class lessons. These students are taught, guided, and supported by one of the faculty from the graduate school's Masters in Teaching program.

Studying Abroad

There are no required internships during the junior year, meaning that many students use this opportunity to study abroad or pursue other paid or unpaid internships. This time is a valued way for students to explore their interests and gain relevant job experience.

Senior Capstone Experience

During the winter or spring of students' senior year, they complete a senior teaching practicum in a local school or abroad. Matteo Ricci College facilitates these internship placements, creating individualized opportunities that cater to students' post-graduate plans.

When Humanities for Teaching students apply to graduate schools, they have already tested and proven, to themselves and to others, that teaching is their true vocation.