Program Requirements

For the Humanities minor, students take a total of 40 units. Only courses passed with a final grade of a "C" or better count for credit towards the minor. Of the 40 required units, 15 take place in the UCOR: Creative Expression and Interpretation, Inquiry Seminar in the Humanities, and Humanities and Global Challenges. Courses in the Humanities make up the other 25 credits. Students take at least one course in each of the following three categories: Intellectual Heritage, Expression, and Ethical Engagement. The remaining credits may come from any courses listed in those three categories.  

Category One: Intellectual Heritage
1710: Humanistic Foundations of Education
1720: Humanistic Foundations of Leadership
1800: Socio-Cultural Transformations I (Ancient)
1810: Socio-Cultural Transformations II (Medieval)
1820: Socio-Cultural Transformations III (Modern)
4710: Jesuit Education

Category Two: Expression
1300: Leadership and Voice
1310: Writing with Pictures
1510: Composition: Language and the Arts
2450: Colloquium
3720: Leadership and Teaching
3730: Understanding and Leadership
3930: Special Topics

Category Three: Ethical Engagement
1400: Critical Thinking for Leadership
1520: Logic, Ethics, and Discernment
3020: Perspectives on the Person II
3400: Leadership, Discernment and Global Engagement
3710: Education and the Polity
3800: Cultural Interface
3930: Special Topics
4000: Seminars on Contemporary Problems
4400: Leadership, Ethics, and Discernment
4800: Character Development