Humanities Core Courses

Composition Series

  • HUMT 1500 Composition: Language and Thought

Study and practice in the arts of rhetoric: structuring arguments, controlling word-choice, sentences, paragraphs, and essays, to produce clear, convincing writing. 

  • HUMT 1510 Composition: Language and the Arts

Interdisciplinary study of artistic composition in a variety of art forms, with emphasis upon, and practice in, literary composition.

Socio-Cultural Transformations Series

  • HUMT 1800: Ancient; Beginnings of Western Identity to 400CE 
  • HUMT 1810: Medieval; 400-1550CE
  • HUMT 1820: Modern; 1550CE-Present 

A three-quarter, interdisciplinary study of the evolution of major systems of meaning and value in Western civilization and the social expressions of these systems; emphasis on analysis of social and cultural phenomena and on interpretation of the personal and communal significance of cultural change in the past. The sequence of courses proceeds chronologically in order to reveal western culture's continuity and change over time. 

Perspectives on the Person Series

  • HUMT 3010 Perspectives on the Person I
  • HUMT 3020 Perspectives on the Person II 

Reflective and critical examination of the structures of experience which define and shape human reality from philosophical, theological, psychological, and literary perspectives; emphasis on understanding of self and on appropriation of a religiously grounded sense of care and responsibility at both individual and social levels. 

One of the following:

  • CISS 1200 Poverty in America

The causes and consequence of poverty in America today are explored with the resources of four disciplines; economics, psychology, sociology, and political science. Alternative theories and reform are evaluated. 

  • CISS 2500 Global Poverty 

The causes, consequence, and different solutions of global poverty are explored from an interdisciplinary approach, including anthropology, sociology and political science. Alternative theories and policies are critically evaluated.