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  • Matteo Ricci College Supports Dance Marathon

    On February 22nd, a team of Matteo Ricci College students participated in Seattle University's Annual Dance Marathon. The team raised over $1,400 for the Uncompensated Care Fund at Seattle Children's Hospital.
    • Christina De Senouillet (BAHT, '16)
    • Zoe Henderson (BAHT, '17)
    • Audrey Krajewski (BAHT, '16)
    • Kelly Jenkins (BAHL,'16)
    • Madeline Olson (BAHL, '16)
    • Charlotte Pearman (BAHT, '16)
    • Anna Pickett (BAHL, '16)
    MacKenzie Gaddy (BAHL, '17) and Liza White (BAHL, '16) also served on the Steering Committee, and Kelly Jenkins lead the Matteo Ricci College team as a Morale Captain.


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