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  • College Professors Win Two Grants to Carryout Research in Bosnia

     “War is not over when it’s over” is a common refrain that keeps coming up for Matteo Ricci College professors Ben Curtis and Serena Cosgrove in their research about how war contributes to poverty.  Compelled by the initial results of research about violence in post-conflict societies in Central America, Curtis and Cosgrove decided to expand their research to Eastern Europe.  With a grant from Seattle University’s Endowed Mission Fund, the two professors travelled to Bosnia and Herzegovina in the fall of 2013 to interview peace makers, human rights activists, and youth leaders about how the country is doing since the war ended in 1995.  Bosnia still confronts many challenges with integration and collaboration across ethnic lines.  This is particularly relevant for K-12 students who are separated by ethnicity at school, seldom enjoying the opportunity to interact with students from the other ethnicities.  Moved by the long-term peace and reconciliation challenges the country continues to face, Curtis and Cosgrove applied for a grant from Seattle University’s Global Grants Program to take an SU student delegation to Bosnia in June 2014.  With the recent news they had won the grant, Curtis and Cosgrove are now preparing to return to Bosnia.  In addition to carrying out research on the ongoing peace and reconciliation process, Curtis, Cosgrove and their students will attend an international youth conference as the US delegation commemorating 100 years since the start of World War I.


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