Matteo Ricci College
Accelerated Humanities

Student Voices

  • Matteo Ricci College encourages independence and deep thought, allowing students to grow spiritually and intellectually. Each class delves deeply into all matter of subjects pertaining to the human experience throughout history. Professors are thought-provoking, inspiring, and always available. Matteo Ricci College has had a profound impact on my life, enabling me to grow and develop in ways I never could have imagined.”

    Bill Santucci Accelerated Humanities Class of 2011
  • "My liberal arts education at Matteo Ricci College prepared me to grow constantly as a person. I strive to think critically, understand cultural contexts, and act with integrity as I work to solve problems in a continually changing world. The Jesuit values of Seattle University provided me the grounding to make ethical and far-sighted decisions in this modern environment. Through my experiences, I learned the value of myself as an individual, the importance of participating in community, and the call to service by God."

    John Marchione Mayor of Redmond, Washington, Class of 1985