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Accelerated Humanities

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    Two Degrees in Four Years

    Students in the Humanities degree begin the program by taking Matteo Ricci College classes in one of six local Catholic high schools, including Seattle Prep, O’Dea, Archbishop Murphy, Kennedy Catholic, Forest Ridge, and Eastside Catholic. Thus, these students enter Seattle University with an already strong foundation in the humanities. Students complete the Humanities degree as an accelerated 3 year program and may choose to stay for a fourth year to earn an optional second degree, which is different from a second major.

    Degree Requirements

    The Humanities curriculum is scaffolded so that students start with the fundamentals of reading, writing, speaking, and thinking, then grow upward and outward towards more specialized classes. Students complete the humanities core as well as an area of concentration, which can be any subject area including but not limited to science, engineering, business, nursing, education. More than 80% of the BAH majors build their chosen area of concentration into a second degree. Learn more about Humanities degree requirements.


    Only students from Seattle Prep, those enrolled in the College's consortium classes at Kennedy Catholic, O'Dea, Forest Ridge, Eastside Catholic, and Archbishop Murphy, and those who have successfully completed a JVLA course are eligible to apply to Seattle University through the Matteo Ricci College. Learn more about Humanities admissions.

    Post-grad Opportunities

    Our graduates have careers here and abroad in every field including finance, business, engineering, medicine, politics, nursing, law, and education. Graduates often comment how their humanities degree prepared them for the "real world," particularly when coupled with a professional degree. Learn more about Humanities post-grad opportunities.

  • At Matteo Ricci College, my professors challenge me to think deeply and independently and to form my own questions and opinions. The professors have a genuine interest in my personal growth.

    AnneMarie Ladlad Accelerated Humanities Class of 2015
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