Matteo Ricci College
Degree Requirements

Learning Outcomes

  • Upon completion of the degree, Bachelor of Arts in Humanities for Leadership Studies students should be able to:

    1. Pursue and evaluate knowledge through the skills of inquiry, research, critical thinking and problem solving;
    2. Communicate effectively in both speech and writing;
    3. Understand the varying perspectives of the liberal arts and sciences and apply them to personal, civic or professional issues;
    4. Understand and appreciate diversity and develop a worldview informed by multicultural and global perspectives;
    5. Understand and appreciate the Jesuit/Catholic linking of faith and justice;
    6. Assess their own levels of commitment to community service and to a just world;
    7. Demonstrate proficiency in the content and methodology of their discipline or profession;
    8. Think systematically about moral, ethical and spiritual questions and assess and articulate their own values; and
    9. Demonstrate team and leadership skills needed to convert goals to action.