Matteo Ricci College
Degree Requirements


  • Caitlin and Phil in Ghana
  • Humanities for Leadership students complete two required internships, one locally and one abroad.

    Helping Nonprofits in Seattle

    In the second year of the program, students will participate in a year-long internship with a local nonprofit organization. The program coordinator caters internships to students' individual interests and area of specialization. In these internships, students apply the leadership skills they have been studying and bring examples back to the classroom that enrich discussions.

    International Service

    During their senior year, students participate in an international leadership internship with a business or nonprofit in Asia, Africa, Central or South America, or a different region of the United States. The College assists students in identifying placements, focusing on ensuring students' safety by visiting placements before sending students and giving students in-depth knowledge about their placement sties before travel.

    Learn more about international internship opportunities from the Poverty Education Center.