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Humanities for Leadership

Post-Grad Opportunities

  • The humanities are a foundation for any professional degree, including medicine, business, law, education, or any of the liberal arts, social sciences, or hard sciences. Students with a degree in Humanities for Leadership have the added benefit of both a specialization in a career path and the leadership skills that employers want. Graduates speak well during interviews, know how to collaborate with coworkers, and rise to positions of formal leadership within their organizations.

    Matteo Ricci graduates aren't taught what to think, but how to think. Graduates with a degree in Humanities for Leadership are able to:

    • Recognize key elements of effective leadership
    • Reflect deeply on their own character and roles as leaders
    • Analyze leadership dynamics in complex modern organizations
    • Exercise intellectual, social, and ethical leadership
    • Lead in a veriety of diverse settings
    • Experience everyday opportunities that serve the common good
    • Recognize the role of leadership in the struggle for the dignity and betterment of humanity
    • Apply leadership principles to the fields of medicine, law, business, science, social science, nursing, and education
  • "My liberal arts education at Matteo Ricci College prepared me to grow constantly as a person. I strive to think critically, understand cultural contexts, and act with integrity as I work to solve problems in a continually changing world. The Jesuit values of Seattle University provided me the grounding to make ethical and far-sighted decisions in this modern environment. Through my experiences, I learned the value of myself as an individual, the importance of participating in community, and the call to service by God."

    John Marchione Mayor of Redmond, Washington, Class of 1985
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