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Matteo Ricci College

Student-centered Jesuit Education

As the Humanities college of Seattle University, Matteo Ricci College is committed to academic excellence and to making every student as successful as possible. Our small classes ensure collaboration between students and professors and deepen students' understanding of their studies. Each of the three degrees is built on a humanities foundation, a building block for your future.


Each degree promotes the discovery of the self and the world through critical thinking, reading, writing, and practical experience. Many of our students earn a second major or even another degree in a field of their choice.

Want to Visit Us?

Contact Beth Layton ( to set up a visit day. You can attend a class, have lunch with current students, and talk to professors! 

Why Study the Humanities?

  • Know the story of the human condition.
  • Connect all disciplines.
  • Learn from the past to understand the future.
  • Engage the world.
  • Be ready for any career.

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