Dare to Learn

Be the architect of your degree

At Matteo Ricci College, our programs lend themselves to creating a foundation for further learning. Add another degree, major, minor, and study abroad! Check out our programs to start creating your blueprint.

Student-centered Jesuit Education

As the Humanities college of Seattle University, Matteo Ricci College is committed to academic excellence and to making every student as successful as possible. Our small classes ensure collaboration between students and professors and deepen students' understanding of their studies. Each of the three degrees is built on a humanities foundation, a building block for your future.

Want to Visit Us?

Contact Paulette Kidder (pwkidder@seattleu.edu) or Dan Washburn (washburd@seattleu.edu) to set up a visit day. You can attend a class, have lunch with current students, and talk to professors! 

Matteo Ricci College