Marketing Communications
Web Communications


  • Transitioning a website to Seattle University‚Äôs updated appearance will make it easier to navigate, simpler to update and will enable additional tools and content options. The time required to complete the transition will vary depending on the size and complexity of the site as well as the availability of staff to review content and make revisions.

    I. Preparation

    1. Review Existing Content

    Unit/department/college staff
    Conduct a review of website to identify content that will not be transitioned and information that must be updated.

    2. Attend Process Meeting

    Unit/department/college staff and Marketing Communications
    Discuss transition process, identify involved staff members, establish timelines, set expectations and confirm the URL of the website. Determine content editors that will be editing website and appoint a primary editor.

    3. Schedule Training Session

    Unit/department/college staff and OIT
    CMS trainer from OIT will contact departmental staff to schedule a training session to learn how to use the CMS.

    4. Confirm Information Architecture

    Unit/department/college staff
    Approve information architecture for new Section. Changes to architecture after this point may result in delays.

    II. Transition

    5. Transition Content and Layouts

    Marketing Communications
    Recreate website Section using organization defined in the confirmed information architecture. After this process, any changes made to the content must be made on both the new and old Sections until the transition is complete.

    6. Attend Training Session

    Unit/department/college staff and OIT
    All content editors should attend CMS training to be able to update, add and manage their content.

    7. Create New Content and Add to Layouts

    Unit/department/college staff
    Add any new primary and related content to newly created layouts, if necessary.

    III. Verification

    8. Verify Content

    Unit/department/college staff
    Verify that all necessary content has been transitioned from the old website successfully and any new content has been added. Confirm that all content is correct and is consistent with the Web Content Guidelines.

    9. Check Links

    Click all links on website to check that they link to new pages or to external links. Confirm that there are no broken links to content that may have previously moved.

    IV. Go Live

    10. Old content archived and new Section activated

    Marketing Communications and OIT
    Archive old content and remove from public view. Publish new website, update links and set up redirects.

    11. Check for Broken Links

    Unit/department/college staff and Marketing Communications
    Verify that images, documents and intra-section links are updated and working properly. Update broken links.

    12. Celebrate

    Congratulate all involved on a job well done.