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Ektron CMS

  • Seattle University uses a web content management system (CMS) named Ektron CMS to run the institution's website . Ektron CMS enables non-technical staff members to create, edit, manage, and publish web content without advanced knowledge of website design or development. It also helps implement a consistent look and feel to improve navigability and ease of use.

    Ektron CMS was launched at Seattle University in Summer 2009 and is the sole CMS in use at the university.

    CMS Login

    Log in to manage your web content. To request access, please contact the helpdesk. Please include the name of the CMS folder and the names of all users needing access.


    CMS Training is provided by MarCom. Training for websites that are using the updated look and feel (PageBuilder layouts) is provided in an interactive training session.To find out about upcoming training sessions, please contact Evie Caldwell-Horne

    Online training is available for websites that have not been transitioned to the new look and feel.