Marketing Communications

Keith Walberg

  • Keith Walberg
    Phone: 206-296-4379

    What do I do here at Seattle University?

    I'm planning, shooting, editing and producing videos and short films.

    On a Saturday night, you'd most likely find me

    Drinking wine and or enjoying some kind of fun cultural or culinary event in Seattle.

    Biggest pet peeves?

    People driving and texting

    Favorite U.S. President & why:

    Abraham Lincoln, because he kept trying to do what was right. . . and finally did. Also the hat.

    Do you have any pets?

    My wife and I have a dog named Jerry. We also have a black cat, Inky.

    Favorite vacation spot

    I like the Caribbean in the winter and the Seattle area or the mountains of Colorado in the Summer.

    Interesting hobbies?

    I like photography, trail hikes, riding bicycles and racing bicycles too.

    Favorite quotation?

    Let each of you discover where your chance for greatness lies. Seize that chance and let no power on earth deter you - Chariots of Fire

    Coffee Preference?

    I like a good Laté on a chilly day

    Favorite Sports teams?

    Football: KC Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks

    Basketball: University of Kansas

    Baseball: Royals, Mariners

    Most embarrassing song you love?

    I hate to admit I sometimes like listening to Katy Perry

    Past professional experiences?

    I worked in broadcasting at TV Stations in Kansas for many years. Most recently, I was working for Gizmo Pictures: a small video and film production company.