Marketing Communications

Emily Payne

  • Emily Payne
    Senior Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 206-296-2104

    What I do at Seattle University?

    I am the Senior Administrative Assistant. I manage Scott McClellan’s calendar and keep the office in order.

    Favorite Vacation Spot and Why?

    Disneyland! I went all the time growing up. In college I went monthly, sometimes weekly. I love it now because it is home to some of my happiest memories!


    I love to hike. I also read, play the clarinet, dance, and watch junk television.

    Favorite Sports Team?

    The San Francisco 49’ers will always be my #1.

    The Most Embarrassing Song that you Love?

    The show Smash did a Bollywood number that I am obsessed with, “A Thousand and One Nights.”


    A ham of a German Shepherd named Scout and a fat cat named Mickey (he has three large spots on his side that form a Mickey Mouse head).

    Coffee Preference?

    I love cappuccinos, but usually resort to a drip with milk.