Marketing Communications

Jason Beard

  • Jason Beard
    Web Communications Manager
    Phone: 206-296-2499

    What do I do here at Seattle University?

    I work on the university's website in a never-ending quest to make it match the superlative education that Seattle University offers.

    Biggest pet peeves?

    People that drive 60mph in the left lane.

    Favorite U.S. President & why:

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt. His New Deal transformed this country: it elevated the country out of the Great Depression, built and improved the nation's infrastructure, and provided economic protections for American citizens. Also, he helped win World War II. Without his leadership, we'd live in a very different world.

    Favorite vacation spot & why

    I have two. First: St. Malo, France. It's a small city on the Normadie coast has a small, beautiful walled center, is close lots of World War II history, and has several good memories. Second: Oaxaca, Mexico. I enjoy the culture and history of the city and love the food. Just don't drink the water.

    Do you have any pets?

    Apollo and Starbuck, both tabby cats.

    Favorite quotation?

    “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
    ―Oscar Wilde

    Coffee Preference?

    I usually make do with a plain dark roast drip, but I prefer a 20oz (Venti, for the Starbucks crowd) soy latte.

    Past professional experiences?

    I've worked as a web communications professional in higher education in various roles for 16 years. I also presently sit on the CASE District VIII Board of Directors and am an elected member to the Maple Leaf Community Council.