Victor Chimenti

Victor Chimenti

Web Developer

My job at SU in one sentence:

I design, implement and maintain web applications that live within the university's content management system.

Past professional experience:

Served as Web Support Specialist for the Marketing and Communications Department.

Alma mater:

Seattle University ’17 and ‘20

Favorite book:

Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

Favorite movie:

Guardians of the Galaxy

Favorite vacation spot & why:

Disneyland. It’s always my daughter’s first choice and what’s not to love about the happiest place on earth.

Favorite hobbies:

Swimming, BBQ, and building web applications

Coffee order:

Black espresso roast.


Rocco the Bouvier. You can follow him on Instagram @RoccoIlRojo

On a Sunday night, you'd most likely find me:

Breaking down coaches’ film from the Seahawks latest victory #GoHawks