Megan Otis

Megan Otis

Web Support Specialist

Phone: 206.296.6354

My job at SU in one sentence:

I’m the Web Support Specialist, and I handle user access and permissions, content editor support, and training in TerminalFour, Seattle U’s content management system. 

Past professional experience:

I’ve worked in higher education almost my entire professional career, in various capacities: as a teaching assistant, as an administrative assistant and now doing web development. I’m also a co-editor and contributing author for the book Engaging Student Voices in the Study of Teaching and Learning (Stylus 2009).

Alma mater:

I got my BA and MA in Cultural Anthropology from Western Washington University, and very soon I’ll be able to add Seattle U to this list as I’m close to finishing my Web Development Certificate here in the School of New and Continuing Studies.

Favorite sports teams:

Seahawks, Sounders, and Mariners

Favorite book:

I’m a BIG reader so trying to pick a single favorite book is pure torture, so I’ll cheat and say Harry Potter. I am definitely a person you want on your team during Harry Potter trivia night.

Favorite vacation spot & why:

The beach is my happy place, it's so calming to listen to the waves roll in, it's like listening to the earth breathing… my favorites so far have been the Oregon coast and Maui.

Coffee order:

Venti iced coffee with toffee nut and cream.


I have two fur-babies: my kitties, Loki and Xena.

Favorite quote:

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.