Aubrey Benasa

Aubrey Benasa

Digital Designer

Phone: 206-296-2057

My job at SU in one sentence:

I create digital pieces to support Seattle University's brand.

Past professional experience:

Five plus years in design and front end web development. I've worked on project teams for T-Mobile, Weyerhaeuser,, McDonald's, Microsoft, and Nordstrom. 

Alma mater:

University of Washington

Favorite book:

Anything by Haruki Murakami

Favorite movie:

Anything by Wes Anderson

Favorite vacation spot & why:

Anywhere new. The first time is always the best.

Favorite hobbies:

Painting, reading, and listening to music

Coffee order:

Pour over drip, black. Iced americanos in summer.


Black lab. He goes by Moon.

On a Saturday night, you'd most likely find me:

Enjoying some whiskey or wine