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    What is CLA?

    Contemplative Leaders in Action (CLA) is a two-year faith formation and leadership development program rooted in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. While the program nurtures individual growth, it also strives to develop a cohort of leaders who can bring the dynamics of faith and justice to lead their families, co-workers and communities. The program currently operates in New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington, D.C., Seattle, Atlanta, and Orange County.  

    Who is CLA designed for?

    CLA is designed for young adult professionals between the ages of 25-39. The ideal cohort is composed of twenty emerging leaders representing diverse professions, faiths, and cultural/ethnic backgrounds. Participants share certain key characteristics: a capacity for self-reflection, several years of work experience, a personal commitment to serve the common good, demonstrated leadership potential, and the willingness to pursue spiritual and professional growth. Because development of community is crucial to success of the program, participants also share a willingness to share honestly and respectfully.

    How will CLA benefit participants?

    CLA’s goal is to have participants:

    • Build a community of peers in various occupations;
    • Learn Jesuit techniques for making good decisions, for praying, and for daily effectiveness;
    • Polish their communication and leadership skills;
    • Reflect on their strengths, weaknesses and role in the world;  
    • Establish supportive relationships with seasoned mentors and/or spiritual directors
    • Discuss the current state of our world and figure out where and how they want to help lead.

    Cohort Schedule 

    The curriculum is divided into four parts, with each part emphasizing one of the four weeks of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius and one of the four qualities, or pillars, of leadership (Self Awareness – Ingenuity – Love – Heroism) outlined by Chris Lowney in Heroic Leadership.  This structure is not intended to substitute for the Exercises, but to provide an introduction to the Exercises as a developmental process which results in decision-making and leadership skills that are faith-based, justice-oriented and holistic.

    Five texts will be provided for the program: The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything by James Martin, S.J.; Heroic Leadership by Chris Lowney; The Call to Discernment in Troubled Times by Dean Brackley, S.J., Tattoos on the Heart by Greg Boyle, S.J. and Pope Francis: Why He Leads the Way He Leads by Chris Lowney. These texts will be drawn from at different times throughout the two years.

    Click here for the CLA Curriculum  


    2014-2016 Cohort

    CLA 3 Opening Retreat Photo

    Sarah Ahmad -  University of San Francisco  
    Shawn Allen - Gonzaga University, Loyola University New Orleans 
    DuWayne Andrews, Jr - Seattle University 
    Bethany Benson - Seattle Prep, Seattle University   
    Antonietta Bertucci - Seattle University  
    Andrew Campbell - Seattle University
    Annapatrice Clarke - Jesuit High School
    Alex Cooper - Bellarmine Prep, Loyola University New Orleans
    John Crawford-Gallagher - Fairfield University
    Jes Erickson - Seattle University
    Mariane Escalona - Seattle University, University of San Francisco 
    Christa Fagnant -  Gonzaga University, Jesuit Volunteer Corps
    Valerie Fuchs - Gonzaga University
    Anthony Gromko - Gonzaga University
    Katrina Hale - Seattle University
    Zandy Harlin - Seattle University, Jesuit Volunteer Corps
    Brian Hensley - Seattle University
    Kate LaPlante - Seattle University
    Alexis McMahan - Seattle University
    Meghan Pelley - Georgetown University
    Rosa Singer - Seattle University
    Melanie Twohy - Gonzaga University
    Jeff Upton - Jesuit Volunteer Corps
    Dana Weaver - Seattle University, Loyola University Chicago

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    2013-2015 Cohort

     CLA2 Retreat  

    Meghan Arbuckle - Jesuit Volunteer Corps International, Seattle University 
    Kara Casey-Adams - Seattle University   
    Sheila Collins - Gonzaga University, Jesuit Volunteer Corps   
    Emily Comerford - Gonzaga University in Florence, Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest     
    Brandi Crawford-Gallagher - Gonzaga University, Boston College
    Melissa Deutsch - Seattle University   
    Nicholas Ford - Boston College   
    Greg Forkins - Boston College, Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest  
    Jim Freeburg - Santa Clara University   
    Joe Gardner - Gonzaga University, Seattle University  
    Patrick Green - Santa Clara University   
    Bethann Gurrad -  Gonzaga University, Marquette University  
    Danica Hendrickson - Seattle University, Jesuit Volunteer Corps       
    Kelly Hickman - Boston College, Seattle University   
    Jean Higgins - Gonzaga University  
    Katie Kaiser - Georgetown University  
    Alex Kitchen - Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest   
    Bernard Koontz - Seattle University, Boston College   
    Caitlin Lanigan - College of the Holy Cross, Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest   
    Rebecca Mauldin - Gonzaga University
    Alycia McKenzie - Gonzaga University, Seattle University   
    Kristen Morgan - Seattle University, Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest
    Tri Nguyen - Seattle University  
    Stephanie Orrico - Boston College   
    Logan Reichert  - Gonzaga University, Boston College 
    Darby Reily -  Santa Clara University  
    Mike Schloss - Regis University, Seattle University  
    Brittany Stevens - Gonzaga University  
    Angeline Thomas - Seattle University Law School  
    Byrony Treser - Jesuit Volunteer Corps  
    David Uhl - Gonzaga University, Jesuit Volunteer Corps   
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    Brooke Rufo Hill - Magis Director, CLA2 Facilitator
    Maria Ochoa
    - Magis Assistant Director, CLA3 Facilitator
    Lindsey Hittmeier - CLA Program Coordinator
    Glen Butterworth, S.J., CLA2 Chaplain
    Natch Ohno, S.J., CLA3 Chaplain

    CLA Advisory Team and Mentor Community

    We rely on the sound advice and leadership of the CLA Advisory Team to develop, implement and assess the highest quality program possible and owe them a great deal of thanks! CLA participants also engage with and be supported by the CLA Mentor Community, who are seasoned, faith-centered and inspiring leaders. 

    CLA Advisory Team Members:
    Holly Hoff, Chair - Vice President & Engagement Lead, Health Advocacy Strategies, LLC 
    Glen Butterworth, S.J.
    - Parochial Vicar, St. Joseph Parish
    Rachel Forte
    - Community Ministry and Service and Social Justice Programming at Seattle Preparatory School
    Penny Koch-Patterson - Associate Director Academic Programs/Learning Technologies, UW Professional & Continuing Education 
    Tom Norwood - Sales at The Luna Sandal Company
    Natch Ohno, S.J. -  Assistant to the Vice President, Seattle University Student Development
    Jolynn Suko - Administrative Director, Neuroscience Institute at Virginia Mason Medical Center
    Sarah Thomson - Associate Director External Relations, Seattle University Career Services
    Bill Weis - Professor of Management, Albers School of Business at Seattle University
    Andrea Wong-Fontana - Program Coordinator, Ignatian Spirituality Center

    Click here for bios of the CLA Mentors