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The View from Here Looks Good

Thank you very much for the review you did on View from the Tent [Bookmarks, Winter 2010]. It came as a great surprise as I concluded that [there] might not be any interest on your/SU Magazine's part. I love that it's in a love edition!

M. Barrett Miller, '68

'Making Her story' Revisited FROM THE EDITOR

Earlier in the fall, I was visited by Mike Brown, who had uncovered a letter to the editor written by his mother, Mary Miniter, but never sent. Going through his mother's belongings following her death last year, Brown came across the letter tucked inside the Fall 2004 issue of Seattle University Magazine. The cover story, "Making Her story"—which focused on the maverick women who shaped Seattle University— was of particular interest to Mary, who was among the first women to attend SU when it began to admit women in the early 1930s. Below is that letter.

—Tina Potterf

It is great fun to read the Seattle University Magazine and follow the changes that have occurred since I first came to the old Seattle College in 1933. I read with great interest [the article on] Jane Prouty in the Fall 2004 issue about women, "Making Her story," at Seattle U. Jane and I went through Holy Names together. We were friends and I was happy to see her name. I thought I would fill in some of the missing pieces.

Seattle College had always been a men's college. The only women were the off-campus nursing students at Providence Hospital and they were mostly nuns. The college decided to admit women as regular students for the fall quarter of 1933. Five women were admitted. They included me (Mary Brandmeir), Betty McConnell and Mary McMullen.

I don't know which of us registered first, but there were five of us that first quarter. The second quarter there were eight. And by the third quarter, there were 25 women.

There was some controversy about admitting women. At first the 96 men at Seattle College were not pleased that we had invaded their territory, but that soon changed. By spring quarter, we were all getting along fine.

I had planned to attend the University of Washington, but Father John Prange met with my mother and explained how that might not be the place for a young graduate of Holy Names Academy. So my plans were changed. As a result, I helped make history at Seattle University.

Being in the first group of women at Seattle College was quite an experience. Truth be known, the ratio of men to women was very much in our favor and we had a pretty good time that year.

Mary B. Miniter

Cupid Strikes Again

Our winter cover story on love found at Seattle University had special meaning for a number of readers, who shared their own stories online. Here are some of those comments:

Jeremy Corwin, '93, and Laurie (Roshak) Corwin, '93, met their freshman year on the first day in Winnie Guy's calculus class and married six days after graduation. Nine children later, Laurie says Jeremy "is still my best friend. It was the best thing that ever happened to me at SU!"

Butch, '69, and Marilyn Hrnicek, '68, met at a sock-hop in the gymnasium in November 1965, and married June 1968.

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