Learning Communities

Justice in a Diverse Society

This community appeals to academic interests ranging from political science and law to history, philosophy, and sociology. Our focus is on exploring individual and group identities such as gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, and national identity. We seek to understand how these identities translate into structures of power in local and global societies. This community also explores notions of justice and its relationship to hierarchy and privilege. Residents of this community learn how to be a catalyst for social change by putting their understanding of diversity into action through participation in workshops, panel discussions, intergroup dialogue circles, and volunteering in the local community.

Location: Floors 8 & 9 in Campion Hall

Faculty Director: Henry Kamerling


Faculty Director

Henry Kamerling
Arts & Sciences

Staff Director


Academic Mentors

Aitana Sandoval
Doni Uyeno