Learning Communities

Learning Communities

We believe learning and academic inquiry happen both inside and outside of the classroom. Each Learning Community (LC) theme is built around broad interdisciplinary questions and includes on average 150 students led by a team of faculty and staff. Every first year student (commuter and residential) and many second year students will have the opportunity to participate in a learning community. Students in a learning community will be able to connect to other students with similar interests, take Core courses together, participate in fun and exciting activities, and explore what it means to be a Seattle U Redhawk!

Learning Communities allow students with similar interests to develop common bonds with each other. Continual dialogue with peers and faculty enhance students' personal and academic meaning making, and deepen intellectual development. The LCs are a great way to make friends quickly and they're also fun! Take some time and learn about the LCs offered at SU so that you will know what to sign up for when completing your new student preference form.

Now Hiring Academic Mentors for 2016-2017!

Learning Community Academic Mentors serve a vital role in advancing the academic climate of the LC, fostering community, and assisting the leadership team (Program Coordinator/Resident Director, Faculty Director, and Community Assistants/Resident Assistants) in co-curricular programming and community development.

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