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The mission for Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons

Lemieux Library integrates comprehensive collections, flexible and personalized services, innovative instructional programs, collaborative relationships, and enabling technologies – operating in, and accessible through, the physical and the digital environments – to make a powerful impact on the educational and scholarly processes of inquiry, discovery, teaching, and learning for the Seattle University academic community.

Current Priorities and Opportunities

The Library is happy to work with you to match your giving to your goals and interests. Below is a partial list of giving opportunities related to our current strategic priorities. Each is an opportunity to invest in the future of the library at Seattle University that is direct and measurable.

Fund for Library Excellence

Since 2010, Ted and Patricia Collins have made occasional donations.

Equivalent to a dean's fund in a school or college, to The Fund for Library Excellence is to be used at the discretion of the Dean, Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons for strategic and operational purposes. Past uses have included purchase of items for Special Collections, Library Faculty and staff professional and talent development, and the programming of special events.

Mary Ann and David Madsen Book Fund

For more than three decades Seattle University College of Arts and Sciences, History and Medieval Studies Professor David Madsen has used payroll deductions to donate funds to the Library, and occasionally supplements the deduction with a one-time gift. The donor preference is for purchase of print books.

Fr. Emmet Carroll, S.J. Literature Fund

In a document dated 26 October 2005, Fr. Carroll communicated his intent to transfer funds he controlled in 41-141021 to the Library. These funds had been accumulated through a series of gifts to Fr. Carroll from his benefactors, John and Pat Isaksen, to support Fr. Carroll's research activities. Donor preference is for the purchase of Catholic literature from England and America and American literature and will be made in consultation with English Department faculty and Lemieux Library Faculty.

Margaret (Peggy) Hudson Funds

Fund for Emerging Health Sciences & STEM

Donations to this fund will help the Library acquire, implement, and deploy current and emerging hardware and software applications in order (a) to improve its faculty and staff productivity and (b) to enhance services to the campus and Library users. Donations may also be used to fund staff training and professional and talent development in support of the more effective use of information technologies and applications.

Fund for Research Enterprise & Digital Initiatives 

Donations to this fund will enable the Library: (a) to acquire rare items, primary sources of archival or manuscript collections, or other specialized resources that will enable research activities by its students, faculty, and visiting scholars; (b) to ensure timely processing and preservation of such resources; and, (c) to fund digitization of research or historical materials that will be made publicly accessible and raise the academic profile of Seattle University.

Shemanski Foundation Fund for Inter-Religious Library and Curriculum Resources

Since 1999, the Shemanski Foundation has provided monetary donations to Seattle University’s School of Theology and Ministry. At the discretion of the Dean of the School of Theology and Ministry, a portion of the annual donation is transferred to the Library.

The donor suggests that the funds should be used in support of Judaic Studies and inter-faith dialogue in consultation with School of Theology and Ministry faculty and Library Faculty.

Fr. Stephen V. Sundborg, S.J. Poetry Collection Fund

Donation from Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons Dean Sarah Barbara Watstein plus general Library gift funds. This fund will be used to purchase poetry books in honor of Fr. Steven V. Sundborg, S.J. Purchases will include award-winning poetry collections as well as the individual and collected works of the recipients of the major domestic and international poetry prizes.

Lemieux Library Acquisitions Fund

This fund will be used in a variety of ways for the purchase, license, preservation, and repair of information and knowledge resources or resource sharing.

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