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Screening Room Request Form


    Seattle University Media Production Center

    Screening Room Request Form 


    The Screening Room is available 9am-8:30pm Tuesday-Thursday, 9am-4:30pm Friday, and 2pm-8:30pm Sunday and Monday
    by appointment.

     Please note that this form is a request only.  Scheduling will occur once the MPC Manager reviews and approves your request.

    What will you view?



    What is the source?  (Computer, DVD, VHS…)  


    How many people will be attending?  The Room accommodates 16 people.


    Is this request class, club, or departmental? 

    If so, please list the course #, club name, or department.  



    If it is not class or club related, what is the nature of the request? "(please enter N/A if this does not apply.)"



     How do you feel the MPC Screening room suites your viewing needs better than a conference or multi-purpose room with a large television?



    Do you plan to have food or beverages in the room?  Please provide details.



    What date & time are you requesting the room?

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    If the Screening Room is not available during your first choice of time, please select an alternate day/time

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    A member of the Media Production Center staff will contact you within two business days to complete the reservation process. If you are not contacted within two business days, please call 206-296-6449