Lemieux Library


  • Holds

    A hold placed on a Lemieux Library item that is available in our stacks indicates that, whenever possible, library staff will pull the available item and set it aside for user who requested it to pick up. A hold on an available item does not always guarantee your spot as next in line; if another user finds the item on the shelf before it is pulled by library staff, the priority shifts to the patron who is physically present unless otherwise arranged by the Circulation Manager. Once processed, material will remain on the hold shelf for you to pick up for either three or seven days, depending on the material type and loan period, before it is made available again for general circulation.

    A hold on an item that is currently checked out is a request to be notified when a lent Lemieux Library item has been returned. In addition, it places you next in line to borrow the material. A hold does not change the original due date, but it does prevent the current borrower from renewing it.

    How can I place a hold?

    1. Search for the item in the library catalog.
    2. Select the red "Request Item" header button.
    3. Type in your Seattle University login credentials and submit the form.


    1) How will I know when an item is ready for me to pick up?

    • Email - You should receive an email notice in your SU email account when items are ready.
    • Online - Log in to your SU library account to see the status of requested items.
    • Phone - Call 206-296-6233 during open hours to determine the status of your holds.
    • In person - Drop by the Circulation Desk to inquire about your requested item.

    2) Where can I pick up a hold?

    Pick up held items at the Circulation Desk. Be prepared to present library staff with either your SU campus card or valid picture ID (driver's license or passport).

    3) How do I cancel a hold?

    Log into your SU library account, check the box next to the item you want to cancel, and click on the CANCEL SELECTED ITEMS option.