Liaison Librarians

Subject Liaison Librarians

Subject liaison librarians provide expertise and support to students and faculty. The following list will help you identify each librarian and their subject assignment across programs, departments and schools.

Students - Subject Librarians are "your" librarians, happy to help with:

  • Research assistance tailored to your needs or specific assignments or courses
  • Learning library tools - searching for articles, research guides, tutorials, workshops
  • Finding additional help, understanding assignments, writing or tutoring

Faculty - Subject Librarians collaborate with you to:

  • Provide instruction, orientation and training tailored to subjects, courses or needs
  • Design learning tools and online learning materials for subject areas or specific courses
  • Create research assignments that encourage student inquiry and develop research skills
  • Acquire new books, eBooks, subscriptions, licensed media (in collaboration with your department faculty representative)
Department/Program Subject Liaison Librarian            
Accounting, Business Jennifer Bodley (temporary)
African and African American Studies; formerly Global African Studies Rick Block
Anthropology Mary Sepulveda
Art & Art History Jan Hartley
Arts Leadership Jennifer Bodley (temporary)
Asian Studies Rick Block
Biochemistry Lydia Bello
Biology Lydia Bello
Business Jennifer Bodley (temporary)
Catholic Studies Mary Sepulveda
Chemistry Lydia Bello
Communication & Media Shelley Carr
Computer Science & Software Engineering Doug Eriksen
Couples and Family Therapy (MA) Mary Sepulveda
Criminal Justice Jan Hartley
Diagnostic Ultrasound Ekaterini Papadopoulou 
Digital Design (Art & Art History) Jan Hartley
Economics, Business Jennifer Bodley (temporary)
Education Yen Tran
Engineering, Civil & Environmental Lydia Bello
Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering Lydia Bello
Engineering, Mechanical & Manufacturing Lydia Bello
English - Literature Shelley Carr
English - Creative Writing Shelley Carr
English Language & Culture Bridge (ELCB) Shelley Carr
Environmental Science (Civil Engineering)  Lydia Bello
Environmental Studies  (A&S) Doug Eriksen
Film Studies Shelley Carr
Finance, Business Jennifer Bodley (temporary)
History Mary Sepulveda
Honors Program Shelley Carr
Humanities (Matteo Ricci)*  Shelley Carr
Humanities for Leadership (Matteo Ricci)*  Shelley Carr
Humanities for Teaching (Matteo Ricci)*  Shelley Carr
Interdisciplinary Arts Jan Hartley
Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies Shelley Carr
International Studies Rick Block
Kinesiology Ekaterini Papadopoulou 
Latin American & Latinx Studies Rick Block
Management, Business Jennifer Bodley (temporary)
Marketing, Business Jennifer Bodley (temporary)
Mathematics Doug Eriksen
*Matteo Ricci Shelley Carr
Medieval Studies Mary  Sepulveda
Modern Languages & Culture (Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish)  Mary  Sepulveda
Nonprofit Leadership Rick Block
Nursing Ekaterini Papadopoulou 
Performing Arts, Theater Jan Hartley
Philosophy Mary Sepulveda 
Photography, Fine Arts Jan Hartley
Physics Lydia Bello
Political Science Rick Block
Psychology Chris Granatino
Public Administration (MA) Rick Block
Public Affairs (BA) Rick Block
Social Work Yen Tran
Sociology Mary Sepulveda
Sport Business Leadership   Jennifer Bodley (temporary)
Theology & Ministry, School of  Mary  Sepulveda
Theology & Religious Studies Mary  Sepulveda
University Core Yen Tran
Visual Arts Jan Hartley
Women, Gender, & LGBTQ Studies Mary  Sepulveda