The bar in the library

Posted by Kristen Shuyler on Thursday, November 9, 2006 at 6:53 PM PST

You may not be able to order an espresso or cocktail here, but "the bar" in the library is now open for business!


The bar, with new artwork on the gate in the background

Designed so you can quickly use a computer on your way in or out, the bar is located near the library's entrance. Here, you can check your email on one of the six new express computers or print your paper. There are also three photocopiers and a computer just for checking the library's web site & catalog.

If you're working at the bar and realize you need help finding a journal article, starting a research paper, or locating a book, the Research Assistance desk is just a few steps away (near the yellow wall).

What do you think of the bar? We want to know!