Maximize Your Free Prints at the Library

Posted by Kristen Shuyler on Wednesday, January 14, 2009 at 3:02 PM PST

Make your 125 free prints per quarter go farther by using double-sided printing in the library.  When sending print jobs, look for Preferences or Properties to pick the "print on both sides" option (we'll show you if you need help). When you print double sided, you only pay for one piece of paper ($.05) but you get two prints (one on each side).

Other tips to conserve paper:

  • Use "Print Preview" to make sure you know how many pages you're printing (select a range of pages if you don't need the entire document)
  • Email yourself resources (and print only the most important)
  • Save items to a flash drive
  • Use a research management tool like RefWorks to save and organize your resources

More information on the PrintShare Program is here.