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About the Library

About the Library

  • Lemieux Library

    Lemieux Library, originally built in 1966, was renovated, expanded, and transformed into the Lemieux Library & McGoldrick Learning Commons in 2010.

    As the intellectual, educational, and physical heart of campus, the library provides a wide range of services and collections primarily to support the teaching, research, and learning goals of the Seattle University community.

    A Vision for A.A. Lemieux Library & James McGoldrick Learning Commons

    As the premier independent academic library in the Pacific Northwest and as the intellectual and educational core of a vibrant academic community, A.A. Lemieux Library is:

    • A Place and a Presence 
    • A Repository and an Active Learning Space 
    • Tangible and Digital 
    • Traditional and Transformative 
    • Responsive to Change and a Change Agent 
    • Distinctive in Character & Role, and 
    • Fully engaged with the achievement of Seattle University’s mission.

    The cumulative impact of our facilities, technologies, resources, and services: Engages the community in a full expression of teaching, learning, scholarship, and research; Enriches the individual and collaborative intellectual processes and personal experiences of

    exploration and discovery as part of the search for truth; and, Enables in each student an active, lifelong ability to confront ideas, to master knowledge, and to learn continuously.

    In partnership with our Learning Commons Partners, we offer a unique environment in which our students succeed in their academic programs and develop the attitudes and skills for a lifetime of intellectual vigor and continuous learning.

    A Mission for A.A. Lemieux Library & McGoldrick Learning Commons

    A.A. Lemieux Library integrates comprehensive collections, flexible and personalized services, innovative instructional programs, collaborative relationships, and enabling technologies – operating in, and accessible through, the physical and the digital environments – to make a powerful impact on the educational and scholarly processes of inquiry, discovery, teaching, and learning for the Seattle University academic community.

    In collaboration with our Learning Commons Partners, we honor our rich, individual contributions to student learning, we forge new relationships, and we design new services that respond effectively to the changing needs and expectations of Seattle University’s diverse community of students.

    Lemieux Library strategic plan