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Photo of Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons

Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons

Questions and Information

Phone: 206.296.6210

Questions, Comments, and Concerns

Access Services Department

(Accounts, Borrowing, Reserves, Lost & Found)


Interlibrary Loan & Summit 



Library Administration


Research Services Division

Resource Acquisitions and Management Division

Systems, Technology, and Media Division



Photo of Chamberlain, Melissa

Chamberlain, Melissa

Executive Library Coordinator

Library Administration

Phone: 206.296.6222

Photo of Albright, Matthew

Albright, Matthew

Library Specialist- Resource Sharing and Digitization

Phone: 206.398.4481

Photo of Ames, Nick

Ames, Nick

Manager, Billodue Makerspace and Media Production Center

Phone: 206.296.6449

Photo of Block, Rick

Block, Rick

MALS, MA, Librarian

Metadata Librarian

Phone: 206.296.6208

Photo of Butts, Karen

Butts, Karen

Library Technician 3


Phone: 206.296.6205

Photo of Carr, Shelley

Carr, Shelley

MLIS, MA, Assistant Librarian

Student Engagement Librarian

Phone: 206.296.6223

Photo of Dufresne, Rita

Dufresne, Rita

Library Technician 3


Phone: 206.296.6212

Photo of Edwards, Nate

Edwards, Nate

Library Technician 3

Systems & Technology Department

Phone: 206.398.4482

Photo of Granatino, Chris

Granatino, Chris

MLS, Associate Librarian

Director of Research Services

Phone: 206.296.6226

Photo of Guevara, Alex

Guevara, Alex

Library Technician 3

Systems & Technology Department

Phone: 206.398.4441

Photo of Hall, Jason

Hall, Jason

MLIS, Assistant Librarian

Business and Economics Librarian

Phone: 206.398.4484

Photo of Hartley, Jan

Hartley, Jan

MILS, Associate Librarian

Director of Resource Acquisitions and Management

Phone: 206.296.6206

Photo of Lee, Karen

Lee, Karen

Library Specialist- Technology Access and Affordability

Phone: 206.296.6234

Photo of Riddle, Chelsea

Riddle, Chelsea

Library Specialist- Patron Accounts, Billing, and Analytics

Phone: 206.398.4449

Photo of Sea, Nel

Sea, Nel

Library Technician 3

Systems & Technology Department

Phone: 206.296.6240

Photo of Segrest, Rachel

Segrest, Rachel

Makerspace Specialist- Billodue Makerspace

Phone: 206.220.8027

Photo of Sepulveda, Mary Linden

Sepulveda, Mary Linden

MLS, Associate Librarian

Coordinator, Collection Development; Special Collections & Archives

Phone: 206.296.6209

Photo of Smithers, Jacob

Smithers, Jacob

Marketing and Communications Strategist

Phone: 206.296.6203

Photo of Stone, Trish

Stone, Trish

Library Technician 2

Circulation, Stacks Maintenance

Phone: 206.296.6232

Photo of Sturgeon, Holly

Sturgeon, Holly


Resource Sharing and Document Delivery

Phone: 206.398.4480

Photo of Torres, Carlos

Torres, Carlos

Web Applications Developer

Systems & Technology Department

Phone: 206.296.6248

Photo of Tran, Yen

Tran, Yen

MLIS, Associate Librarian

Scholarly Services Librarian

Phone: 206.296.6225