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"Le Muse"

Destress with Holiday Hawk

Posted by Trish Stone on December 6, 2018 at 10:12 AM PST

 Finals can be stressful, so Le Muse encourages you to take a break by decorating a Holiday Hawk! Download the template or pick up a printed copy at any iDesk, and style the Hawk with festive winter apparel. Post a pic of your finished drawing and tag it #holidayhawk. We will share all Holiday Hawks for the rest of December!



Beyond the Library


"The Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons is known to be a place of research, reading, and writing.  However, I have discovered a lighter side to this scholarly environment.  While working in the Circulation Department for little over a decade, I’ve observed library life from a more humorous perspective.  Hence, I created the library cartoon: “Le Muse”.

After my night shift of checking in and out books, or juggling books in the library stacks, I try to draw for a couple of hours- unless distracted by Dublin the dachshund.  Fortunately, I am a night owl!  I especially love creating illustrated maps.  These maps are usually accompanied with a bit of regional trivia. Of course, the library is a valuable resource for all this information!  

An image Trish created for the Le Muse cartoon

I hope that these whimsical cartoons will provide a nice “study break” between finding that perfect journal article and finishing up the latest assignment."

Trish Wallis Stone




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