Weekly Tutoring

Students who engage in weekly tutoring meet with a peer tutor for an hour each week. The tutoring sessions occur on the same day and time each week and may be one-to-one or shared with another student from the same course section. Weekly tutoring begins during the second week of the quarter and continues for the remainder of the quarter. Students are encouraged to register early in the quarter for weekly tutoring to gain the maximum benefits.

What is the Tutor Blitz?

The tutoring blitz is offered for several days in the beginning of the quarter. It is a concentrated offering of 1-on-1 appointments where students begin the process of setting up weekly tutoring sessions for the quarter. During their Tutoring Needs Assessment (TNA) appointment, students connect with a staff member to share a more thorough picture of their needs in the specific course, think and talk through how they plan to be successful in the course, and share how tutoring would be most helpful for them. If students are unable to participate in the Blitz, TNA appointments will continue to be available throughout the quarter. The Digital Blitz will be conducted via Zoom. For additional details, continue to explore our website and visit our virtual front desk with any questions!

A lot happened this quarter for me in terms of academia and mental health. To not only have someone who could provide me fantastic tutoring, but also on-campus resources, support, and someone who I could look up to will forever impact my college career.

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