Meet Our Tutors

Photo of Alyssa


Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry

Biology & Chemistry Tutor

My name is Alyssa and I am a third-year Biology major and will hopefully be minoring in Chemistry as well. This is my first year working for LAP and I tutor the general chemistry and general biology series. I am from Hawai’i and love calling both Seattle and Honolulu my homes. In my free time, I enjoy singing, dancing, “gem painting,” meal-prepping, writing cute notes to my friends, and watching TikToks. I look forward to working with and getting to know you all!

Photo of Alex


Major: Mathematics
Minor: Economics

Calculus Tutor

My name is Alex and I am a fourth year majoring in Mathematics with a minor in Economics. This is my third year tutoring both calc 1 and calc 2 and my second year being a study group facilitator for calc 1. I get extremely excited when talking about derivatives and antiderivatives and hope to ease your mind when it comes to math!

Photo of Annelise


Major: Psychology
Minor: Social Welfare

Psych Stats Tutor

My name is Annelise and I am a 4th year Psychology major with a minor in Social Welfare. At the LAP I love having the opportunity to engage with other students and provide a resource for them. I am passionate about social science research and transfer this passion into helping students understand and interact with the material being learned in their courses. I believe learning statistics within a social science setting can broaden academic and professional interests for psychology students, as it did me. When I'm not talking passionately about statistics, you can find me wandering around Seattle, trying out new restaurants, and hunting for a new book to read at Elliot Bay.

Photo of Ashley


Major: Nursing

Nursing Tutor

My name is Ashley, and I am a 4th year nursing student. Home for me is the beautiful island of Guam until I decided to pursue a career in nursing at Seattle University, so now I’m here! This is my 3rd year tutoring with LAP, and I tutor all nursing courses LAP offers services for. I am passionate about helping my fellow peers towards a successful and meaningful nursing journey, so I am very excited to work with you this quarter! Outside of my role as an LAP tutor, I am also involved in the Marianas Taotao Tano Club, other cultural clubs on campus, and any event that has free snacks or goodies. I love making art, spending time with friends, and taking walks around downtown Seattle on a good day.

Photo of Brian


Major: Electrical Engineering

Calculus Tutor

My name is Brian and I am a first-year Electrical Engineering major. I tutor the Calc series, and enjoy helping others get better with material. I enjoy listening to music, and exploring the outdoors, whether that be a city or a forest.

Photo of Clare


Major: Public Affairs and Spanish

Spanish Tutor

My name is Clare and I am a third-year Public Affairs and Spanish double major! I tutor all levels of Spanish and love getting to know and help people understand Spanish better. To me, it is such a cool thing to learn a language because it means that you can communicate and connect with more people. I am totally flexible with learning styles and am ready to meet tutees wherever they are at. Outside of school, I love exploring Seattle, interior design, eating good food, and spending time with friends!

Photo of Conor


Major: Mathematics

Math Tutor

Conor is a third-year math major with a specialization in applied mathematics. He loves both the beauty and challenge of math and is passionate about helping his peers understand abstract mathematical concepts and how they relate to real-world scenarios. In his tutoring sessions, he focuses on the importance of visualizing problems and solutions, as well as navigating and understanding math textbooks and other resources. He also loves making music, drinking tea and coffee, and biking along the beautiful puget sound!

Photo of Elena


Major: Mathematics
Minor: Computer Science

Calculus Tutor

I’m a senior Math major and Computer Science minor. I’m at the end of my second year tutoring calculus for LAP. I tutor Math 1130 Business Calculus, Math 1334 Calc I, Math 1335 Calc II. I would have never became a Math major if it wasn’t for a tutor I had in high school who completely changed the way I perceived math and how I studied for my math courses. A tutor is able to adjust things to your individual learning style, tailor material specifically for you, and add structure to your learning. I personally like finding examples relevant to a student’s major to make abstract math topics seem more concrete. I love to spend my free time with dogs and cooking.

Photo of Ethan


Major: Physics & Creative Writing

Physics Tutor

Hey y’all, my name is Ethan Purcell. I’m a physics tutor, for both the algebra and calculus based series. I’m a senior physics and creative writing major, and have been tutoring here since my sophomore year. When it comes to tutoring, I love talking about the subjects and going a little deeper than normal, and I will probably make a series of bad jokes and terrible drawings so you are warned. When I’m not in one of the tutoring cubicles, I also work at the Math Lab, and in my rare moments of free time I love reading and writing, primarily fantasy.

Photo of Hailey


Major: Cell & Molecular Biology

Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, & Physics Tutor

Hi! My name is Hailey Pausz and I’m a tutor for calculus, physics, the general biology series, and the general chemistry series. I’m a junior cell and molecular biology student with a pre-med focus. I’ve been tutoring at SU for nearly two years and would absolutely love to connect over the many subjects I tutor. Outside of tutoring, I love going to the beach, finding new restaurants, or forcing my friends to do workout classes with me. Another favorite pastime is talking about calculus or gen chem so I’m excited to start tutoring this quarter!

Photo of Inaara


Major: Biochemistry

Biology & Chemistry Tutor

Hi! My name is Inaara and I am a Senior Biochemistry major. I have been a tutor with LAP since last year and I tutor in the chemistry and biology subjects. I like breaking down problems by using concept maps and problem solving during my sessions. I love anything related to the sciences, so I am really excited to tutor this quarter! Outside of the sciences, I love being involved with on-campus clubs and activities, working with children, and cooking. I look forward to helping my tutees be successful in their classes.

Photo of Isabella


Major: French & Environmental Studies

French Tutor

Hello! I’m Bella, a fourth-year student, double majoring in French and Environmental Studies (spec. Urban Sustainability). I studied in France and Morocco my second year at Seattle University, and am happy to have the opportunity to tutor French since completing my French-major classes a year ago. I can help you out, no matter which level of French you are in, and my sessions tend to be student-led. I will teach you studying and memorizing techniques that you may not have learned in class, and am happy to facilitate conversations. Above all, I will try to share my love of the French language and culture with you, and help you really enjoy learning the material.

Photo of Kaz


Major: Biology & Pre-Med

Biology & Chemistry Tutor

Hi! I’m a 3rd year Biology Major and pre-med. It’s my second year tutoring the gen bio and gen chem series. I also facilitate the gen chem series so if I don’t see you in tutoring hopefully I’ll see you in study group! To me, tutoring is a time and place where you get to engage in material outside of class, you get to talk to someone who has taken the class about any tips or strategies, and you can ask questions to clarify concepts. Hopefully this will not only help you succeed in your current class but also allow you to discover and develop learning strategies for future classes. I look forward to working with you this quarter!

Photo of Kellsie


Major: Biology
Minor: Chemistry & Math

Biology & Chemistry Tutor

Hello! My name is Kellsie I am a tutor for the gen chem and gen bio series. I am a 2nd year biology major with minors in chemistry and math. I love being able to help my tutees in better understanding material by going through problems and concepts together in a one-on-one setting. I want to be a resource to my tutees especially during this challenging quarter and help in any way that I can. I look forward to working with you all this quarter!

Photo of Lindsay


Major: Nursing
Minor: Psychology

Nursing Tutor

Hey everyone! My name is Lindsey and I’m a third year nursing student with a minor in psychology. I’ve been a tutor with the LAP for 2 years and I tutor the majority of the nursing courses. I love being able to connect with other nurses students not only to help y’all succeed but to also be a resource and advocate. Outside of class and being a tutor at the LAP, I work as a student ambassador with undergraduate admissions, am involved with Vietnamese Student Association, United Filipino Club, and can be found exploring and trying new foods all over Seattle. I look forward to meeting y’all this quarter!

Photo of Linfeng


Graduate Major: Computer Science
Undergraduate Major: Electrical Engineering

Chinese & Math Tutor

What’s up my friend, I am a grad student majoring in Computer Science at SU. I am also a international student from China. That’s why I’m tutoring Chinese too. I have my bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering right before I joined SU. I love working math problems with my students, we have the most fun when neither of us know the answer on top of our head and we have to do some reading from the textbook or some digging from the internet to find the answer. I’m looking forward to working with you!

Photo of Molly


Major: Biology

Organic Chemistry Tutor

Hello hello! I’m currently a senior Biology Major and I tutor the full Ochem series. This is my second year tutoring through the LAP and I’ve been tutoring Ochem since WQ19. I love the subject a lot, but I love watching students work hard to excel in the class and reap the benefits even more. I want to be a support for your learning and pass on the tips and tricks that helped me succeed in what is unofficially known as a “make-or-break” series. I’m still located in Seattle, WA during this quarter, and I’ve been spending my non-academic time having Zoom yoga dates with friends, recovering my love for painting/drawing, and spending way too much time looking for enclosure accessories for a hamster I don’t even have yet.

Photo of Nicole


Major: Nursing

Nursing Tutor

Hi! My name is Nicole and I am a second year nursing student. I tutor all first year nursing prerequisites and plan to tutor the remaining courses next calendar year. This is my first year as a member of the LAP and I absolutely love meeting you all and supporting your success in our BSN program. I strive to be a helpful resource this quarter as we all navigate unprecedented challenges. I am currently back home in Claremont, California. Besides being a tutor, I am a first gen student with an unhealthy obsession for yerba mate, a love-hate relationship with indoor cycling, and a constant craving for my coastal beaches and concerts.

Photo of Rebecca


Major: Nursing

Nursing Tutor

Hi! My name is Rebecca. Medicine and the human body have always been something I've enjoyed learning about, which is in part, why I chose nursing as my major. There are so many interesting things to learn about from nursing and I am excited to help anyone who is interested learn all of these wonderful things.

Photo of Rika


Major: Chemistry

Organic Chemistry Tutor

Hello! My name is Rika, and I’m a tutor for the Organic Chemistry series (CHEM 2500, 2510, and 2520). I am a third year Chemistry major but will finish school at the end of FQ2020. I am most interested in synthetic chemistry because I am currently doing research with Dr. Watson, where we synthesize novel triple-decker complexes.

Photo of Sam W.

Sam W.

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Minor: Math

Math Tutor

Hi! My name is Sam and I am a second year mechanical engineering major with a minor in math.  I tutor business algebra/calculus and calculus 1/2 .  Unlike most people minoring in math, I spent most of my pre college educational career hating math.  However, through a few influential teachers I’ve learned that math is actually kind of fun. I’d like to now give back and help someone else find out that math doesn’t suck that much, or atleast help you get through your class. Outside of the classroom you can find me exploring cap hill, escaping to alki beach, or at the hotdog cart in front of Neumos!

Photo of Samantha T.

Samantha T.

Major: Nursing
Minor: Psychology

Nursing Tutor

My name is Samantha, and I’m a third year nursing student minoring in psychology. I tutor all of our nursing courses, and I’ve been looking into some promising resources for online tutoring this quarter. I love nursing and I hope I can be a resource for other students making their way through the prereqs. Outside of class, I’m a club officer for Leaders in Nursing and Allied Health, I work part time as a barista (I love coffee!), and I can often be found taking a walk around my neighborhood looking for friendly cats. I’m looking forward to working with you!

Photo of Saumya


Major: Biochemistry
Minor: Math

Organic Chemistry Tutor

Hi, I’m Saumya, a 4th-year Biochemistry major and Math minor. Tutoring OChem the past 2 years has been very fun and is part of what made me want to pursue grad school. OChem can be difficult but it can also be super fun. Online classes are definitely not the ideal form of education any of us expected for this quarter, but make sure you’re still able to reach out for help to your professors, peers, and LAP tutors. I hope we can still help you get what you want out of this class! Outside of class, I like to play with my dog and go on walks around Seattle (pre-quarantine). Stay safe!

Photo of Sherry


Major: Cell & Molecular Biology

Biology & Chemistry Tutor

Hello! I’m Sherry, a third-year cell and molecular biology major on the pre-med route. I tutor the general biology, general chemistry, and organic chemistry series. I completely understand the struggle of these classes and will try my best to help you navigate through it. I’m originally from Hawaii, so when I’m not busy studying, I love spending time outside in the sun, at the beach, or eating good food!

Photo of Tanner


Major: Physics

Physics Tutor

Hello, my name is Tanner and I tutor the intro calc physics series (PHYS 1210, 1220, 1230) here at LAP. I am a fourth year physics major here at SU, and I am planning on graduating at the end of this quarter. After four years of doing this, I have good foundational knowledge of the subject  and I enjoy being able to help others who are also interested in learning physics. My main areas of interest in physics are astrophysics and astronomy.