How to Get Tutoring Help

Decide if you Need Tutoring

  • Attend the first class to determine the demands of the course.
  • Your professor has the best advice regarding the course so speak with him or her if you feel you will have trouble meeting these demands.
  • Your professor may suggest tutoring for additional support or you may decide for yourself that tutoring will make a difference in your ability to master the course material.

Arrange for Tutoring

  • Student subject specialists are available (by appointment) in the Learning Assistance Programs area on the second floor of the Lemieux Library & McGoldrick Learning Commons to help assess your needs for an ongoing tutor.*
  • The subject specialist that you meet with will work with you to determine your ongoing needs and then you will be assigned to a tutor who will continue to work with you for the rest of the quarter.
*If you have received tutoring last quarter and are seeking tutoring for a sequential course, you may be eligible to complete a Tutoring Needs Self-Assessment without making an appointment. A self-assessment form may be completed under the following conditions: (1) during Winter and Spring quarters only, AND (2) you are requesting tutoring in a sequential course in a consecutive quarter, AND (3) you have had at least 3 tutoring sessions in the previous quarter and earned a B- or higher in the course. Please come to the front desk of the Learning Assistance Programs to pick up a form.

Use Tutoring Effectively

  • In order to utilize your authorized tutoring time most effectively, we ask that you:
    • Arrive prepared for your tutoring sessions, spending sufficient time studying outside of class;
    • Bring specific questions to the tutoring sessions;
    • Attend consistently. If you need to cancel or reschedule a session for a valid reason, please do so in advance with your tutor
  • We value your opinion and make every effort to continually improve our services. As such, we ask tutees to be sure to take the opportunity to have your voice heard and complete an evaluation of your tutor at the end of each quarter. On-line evaluations will be sent to all students receiving tutoring.
  • If you have concerns about your tutoring please contact the front desk staff at 206-398-4450.