Drop-in Tutoring

What is Drop-in Tutoring?

Drop-in tutoring is a tutoring service LAP provides that does not require an assessment - however, you do need to sign up for a time slot at the front desk. You can use drop in tutoring in addition to any other tutoring services you're already accessing.

How to Sign-up

Hours for drop-in tutoring vary, please sign up at the LAP front desk for a 30 minute time slot - schedules are posted each Friday afternoon for the following week. You can also call over the phone to sign up for a time slot.

Meet our Subject Specialists

  • Mathematics - Elsa Magness

My name is Elsa and I am a Senior majoring in math. I grew up in sunny Southern California, but love the rain here in Seattle. I am passionate about math and spend most of my time solving math problems and writing proofs. I have been tutoring math for a few years, and began working as the math subject specialist last year. When I am not doing math, I enjoy baking, exploring Seattle, and watching Gilmore Girls. I offer drop-in tutoring for: MATH 1000-1021, 1130-1230, 1334-1336, 2320-2340, and 3000. Come study with me at LAP

  • Sciences - Sam Levy

Hi! I’m Sam Levy and I’m the Science Subject Specialist. I’m a 4th year Cell and Molecular Biology Major with a Chemistry Minor. I also spend time researching genetic drift and habitat use in Seattle’s green spaces with Dr. Jordan of the Biology Department. If I’m not eating Byrek and Baguette in my tutoring cubicle you can usually find me studying in the 3rd floor reading room or getting coffee at Stumptown. I offer drop-in tutoring for the following subjects: CHEM 1500-1520 & 2500-2520, BIOL 1610-1630 & 2700. I can also offer limited help with some of the upper division Biology classes I’ve taken. I’m very excited to work with you this upcoming year!

  • Nursing - Abbie Kohmetscher

My name is Abbie and I’m the Nursing Subject Specialist. I’m in my fourth year of nursing school here at Seattle University and when not studying, working at LAP, consuming coffee, or diving into a good book I love to run for Seattle University’s Cross Country and Track and Field Team. The LAP offers tutoring for numerous nursing related courses: CHEM 1200, BIOL 1210, BIOL 1910, BIOL 2200, BIOL 2220, NURS 3205, and NURS 3305. If I can be of some help with these courses or support you academically in anyway please reach out to me! I’m looking forward to working with you all this year!

  • Languages - Julian Tiffay

Hello! My name is Julian and I shall be the Languages Subject Specialist for the upcoming year, offering drop-in tutoring for French and Italian courses. I'm a Senior mathematics major here at Seattle U, although admittedly spend the majority of my time on campus at LAP. I grew up in northern Thailand and the French Alps, and love to travel and explore. When not running a study group or working at the LAP front desk, you can probably find me singing along to musical theatre soundtracks, re-reading Harry Potter for the zillionth time, or pretending I'm a talented ballerino. I look forward to meeting and working with you this year!