Student Involvement


  • So, your event is planned and ready to go—now it's time to get the word out! Don't know how to begin? Here are some effective ways of building an interest for your events, activities, and club meetings specifically on SU's campus:

    Plan Ahead

    This can't be stressed enough, marketing for your events requires just as much planning as your event does! Remember, you want your event to look sharp, so your advertising should as well. Sloppy mistakes happen when you wait until the last moment and it shows.

    Space it Out

    Once you have planned out your marketing, don't forget to space it over time. Your marketing will be much more effective if you spread it out over a period of at least a few weeks. Try putting out the longer lasting elements earlier and the more short-lived ones later. This will help keep your desired content constantly on everyone's minds.

    Build Recognition

    A theme, club logo, or color palette helps recognition and gives continuity to your advertising. College students are always on the go, so get something that's will grab their attention.

    Keep It Fresh

    We all know the basics for marketing at SU: Roll-down banners, bulletin board flyers, and emails galore. But are all these effective? Don't they just blend in? Think outside the box and try something new or reinvent something old. There are many ways of creating interest, don't limit yourself.

    Talk About It

    Word of mouth (or WOM) is one of the most powerful ways of advertising. Hearing about an event from another person is ten times more effective then any banner, flyer, or email. Tell your members to start yappin'.

    Know Your Resources

    There are certain venues of advertising on SU that are under utilized. Here is list of ways to advertise on campus:

    • ASSU campus email announcements
    • Spectator ads
    • KSUB public announcements
    • CAC whiteboard
    • "Docket" plasma screens
    • Student Center kiosks
    • Library Lawn display
    • C-Street table tents
    • Outdoor sandwich boards
    • Flyers
    • Roll-down banners
    • Information tables
    • Websites

    Additional Resources