Leadership Development
Redhawk Application


  • Interested in a campus leadership position?  The Redhawk Application is your gateway to leadership opportunities.  

    Step 1:  Reflect

    We encourage you to think carefully about your skills and goals when seeking a position on campus.  What do you bring to the role?  What is motivating you?  Do you have requirements, such as financial or schedule. that need to fit?  

    Step 2: Research

    Once you have insight into what you bring to a role, do your research on which roles will be a good match.  Consider one or two to which you want to apply.  While there are many available roles, we encourage you to be selective and focused in choosing your involvement.  For more background, review our philosophy statement 

    Philosophy on Multiple Roles

    We believe that every student has the capability to lead in their community.  Whether that community is on or off campus, our hope is that part of a student's education is to understand their leadership skills, to practice these skills and to envision a more just and humane world because of their leadership.  One piece of this experience can be a formal role in one of the many organizations on campus.  our aim is to have opportunities for as many students to participate in positional leadership as possible, while also encouraging wellness.
    We know that students have many demands on their time while exploring their ability to balance academic, personal and professional needs.  We also know that taking on too much often leads to higher anxiety, stress and reduces effectiveness.  Because of this, our philosophy is to encourage a limit to the number of positional leadership positions that a single student can hold for two reasons.  First, it allows students to practice a healthy balance of leadership and personal development.  Second, more students are able to practice their leadership skills.

    As you discern positions to which you want to apply, consult with each office or group about their policy on concurrent positions if you have questions.  More importantly, please take time to discern and be selective about your involvement.

     Positions Available Winter Quarter 2015:
    Applications open January 1- March 20 (unless stated otherwise) 

    • Collegium Community Leader (CCL)
    • Connections Leadership Program (CLP) Mentor
    • Connections Leadership Program (CLP) Coordinator 
    • Diversity & Equity Education Program (DEEP) Peer Educator 
    • Health and Wellness Crew (HAWC)- Closing date 2/26
    • I-Board
    • Lead Team 
    • Orientation Advisor (OA)- Closing Date 1/28
    • Partners for Actions and Community 
    • Residence Assistant (RA)
    • Student Alumni Ambassador (SAA)- Closing Date 5/4
    • Student Events and Activities Council (SEAC)
    • Transfer SUccess Leder (TSL)

     Positions Available Spring Quarter 2015:
    Applications open March 30 -June 8th (unless stated otherwise)

    • ISC Orientation Leaders 
    • FLI Facilitators 
    • Leadership Development Team Members
    • Redzone Officer - Closing Date 4/8
    • Student Government of Seattle University (SGSU)-Closing Date 4/8
    • Wingmen – Closing Date 5/3


    Step 3: Apply

    When you've determined which position you think is a match for your interests and goals, consult the group or department responsible for the role to review application requirements and deadlines.  Many positions are posted on Career Services' Redhawk Network.  For a direct link to the application, Click Here.