Leadership Development
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First Year Leadership Institute

  • New incoming students can participate in the First-Year Leadership Institute (FLI). The retreat is two day long and takes place two days prior to Welcome Week in September. Participants focus on personal development such as values clarification and leadership style, skills for success such as engaging diversity, explore pathways to leadership at Seattle University, and deepen their understanding of leadership from a Jesuit perspective.

    Facilitated by current Seattle U and Leadership Development staff, participants develop mentoring relationships with other SU student leaders. Most importantly, the retreat is a fun way to transition to SU life and make new friends. 

    Thinking about applying to be a FLI Team leader?  Here are the benefits:

    • Connect with incoming first-year and transfer students.
    • Discuss leadership in the context of Seattle U as Jesuit university.
    • Lead small group discussions and leadership site visits (eg- a business, non profit or civic organization).
    • Participate with students one on one-day ropes course.
    • Continue relationships with mentees informally and  at quarterly activities.

    To apply, review the Position Description and submit an Application no later than April 28. Applications can be submitted electronically to lead@seattleu.edu or in person to Pavilion 150.  If you have completed and saved a Redhawk Application in the last year, please feel free to submit that with the following supplemental questions:

    • Why are you applying to be a FLI Leader?
    • What skills and abilities can you contribute to FLI?
    • Give an example of a time when you have facilitated a group (eg- workshop, presentation). How comfortable and competent did you feel throughout that process?
    Additional information for potential FLI Team members:
    • All FLI leaders will be required to attend the divisional student leader training this May 30 - June 1 at Camp Casey (more details to follow).
    • Dates this year for FLI are Wednesday, September 17 - Friday September 19. We will have a get-together likely on Monday, September 15 to finalize details and training.