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Become a KXSU DJ and host your own weekly show live on-air! You get to play whatever music you want and talk about anything you're interested in! Explore your passions while gaining valuable public speaking skills.

We schedule shows at the beginning of every quarter and host training sessions throughout the year to get you all set up to host your own radio show. Our goal is that by the end of the year, you could confidently go into any radio station and run their equipment on your own. 

KXSU's program is special because anyone can join. There is no waiting until you're a junior before you go on air. There's no having to become someone's assistant before they'll let you just play a few songs at 1 a.m. when no one is lsitening. Remember how many CDs Anna Kendrick had to file in Pitch Perfect?

It's not like that here. We're here to give you all the tools to show the Seattle broadcasting area how amazing you are! (But we do have a lot of CDs and if you want to follow your Anna Kendrick dreams and file them for us, we would really appreciate it)

We are lucky enough to be located in the most densly populated area in Washington, and our broadcasting area is all of downtown! While we don't have exact numbers, we estimate that well over 40,000 people could be listening to KXSU at any given time. 

Is this enough to convince you to join us?! I sure hope it is! Contact our Program Director, Emma Hyman – for more info on how we can get you on the air.