Ignatian Reflection for Our Times - (Email Nov. 18, 2020)

Dear colleagues, 

Recent research has shown that practices of gratitude not only improve our current emotional state, but can also change our brain for improved mental health over the longer-term.  Gratitude is also at the heart of Ignatian Spirituality.

In this time of Thanks-giving, I feel deep gratitude for your partnership in the work of making our Jesuit mission alive and real at a time when transformation is so needed in our world.  May you enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday—however it may look this year—and may you find time for reflection on the sources of gratitude in your work and life.

- Jen and the CJE team

In this newsletter:

  • Endowed Mission Fund 
  • Soul Sessions
  • Wisdom Circle Wednesdays
  • Teaching in the Jesuit Tradition
  • Conversations on Jesuit Higher Education 
  • Advent Evening of Prayer
  • Examen at the Turn of the Year

Consider Applying for an Endowed Mission Fund Grant:

The Endowed Mission Fund for Faculty & Staff Development in the Jesuit Catholic Mission encourages personal and professional development for leadership in mission through programs, projects, scholarship and training for faculty and staff.  Please consider applying!  Applications will be due in February.  Look for a campus announcement in January 2021.

All are Welcome: Soul Sessions

 Mondays from 12:30-12:45  
In the spirit of “contemplatives in action,” Soul Sessions provide a brief and accessible time to breathe, reflect, and find inspiration for the path ahead. Attend every week, or drop in when you’re able. 

How? Email to receive Soul Sessions Zoom links in your Outlook calendar. 
If you miss a session, they are all available on the CJE website

Wisdom Circle Wednesdays

The Center for Jesuit Education and the Office of the Faculty Ombudsperson will be offering a series of Wisdom Circle Wednesdays for faculty beginning in January 2021.

In times of struggle, many of us turn to the inspiring perspectives of resilient leaders, teachers, and individuals whose wisdom transcends notions of time and separateness. We invite you to bring your lunch and a quote, poem, or reflection that has brought you solace to these sessions, which will be facilitated as a Peace Circle. Please RSVP by emailing
If you have questions, contact:
McKenna Lang ( or Jen Tilghman-Havens (

Wisdom Circle One: Consoling                  January 27, 2020 12:30-1:30 pm

For the first Wisdom Circle, we will explore brief reflections on sources of consolation. This Ignatian concept helps us notice our lived experience in connection with the great mystery.

Wisdom Circle Two: Calming                      February 3, 2020 12:30-1:30 pm (note corrected date)

For the second Wisdom Circle, we will explore brief reflections on sources of calming. What are some quotes, ideas, nuggets of wisdom that help us all find calmness in the midst of stress?

Wisdom Circle Three: Encouraging           February 10, 2020 12:30-1:30 pm (note corrected date)

For the third Wisdom Circle, we will explore brief reflections on ideas of encouragement. Who are wisdom guides that help us find deep wellsprings of encouragement?


Teaching in the Jesuit Tradition

We invite you to join a new faculty community of conversation, called 
Teaching in the Jesuit Tradition –Practices and Pedagogies that Deepen Learning.
Presentations will be brief with ample time devoted to sharing best practices. You are welcome to attend one or all sessions. New faculty are encouraged to attend, but all faculty are welcome to join. Please feel free to spread the word! 

Please RSVP to to receive an Outlook invitation with Zoom link.

November 20, Friday, 9:30-10:30:  
Reflective practices that help make meaning in the classroom 

  • Learn and share tools for promoting and using reflective practices in the classroom and beyond
    Co-facilitated by Mary Kay Brennan and Jenny Loertscher

January 25, Monday, 2:30-3:30: 
Experience - Active and Deep Engagement with Learning 

  • Learn and share tools for creating engaging and meaningful active learning experiences  
    Co-facilitatied by Drea Verdan and Jenny Loertscher

February 26, Friday, 2:30-3:30: 
Action - The Transformative Power of Learning 

  • Learn and share tools for preparing and supporting students to put into meaningful action what they have learned and how they have made meaning from their learning 
    Co-facilitated by Kristi Lee and Jenny Loertscher


Conversations on Jesuit Higher Education 

In this current issue, please find excellent articles on two of the Universal Apostolic Preferences of the Jesuits for the next ten years: Discernment and Care for Our Common Home 
You’ll also find a piece on the Spiritual Exercises by former colleague Catherine Punsalan-Manlimos. 
Enjoy reading!

Although a physical copy will be waiting for you in your campus mailbox when you return to campus, from now on, in light of SU’s commitment to sustainability, you’ll receive only the electronic version.  If you’d like a physical copy of the magazine, we’ll always be happy to send you one.


Advent Evening of Prayer

December 9, Wednesday, 7:00 pm
Livestreamed online

Presenters: Fr. Jerry Graham, S.J., Carolyn Shimabukuro

Allow yourself to rest in the prayers, proclamation of the Word, poetry, music, art, imagination and rich silence of this contemplative and ecumenical prayer service.   Enter more fully into the rich meanings of the Advent season by joining us for this year’s contemplative ecumenical Advent Evening of Prayer. Allow yourself to remember what is most important about this season; simply pause, reflect, watch and wait in prayer, word, art, music, imagination and silence.

QUESTIONS? Call (206) 329-4824 or email Andrea Fontana 
Sponsored by Seattle First Baptist Church and Ignatian Spirituality Center


Examen at the Turn of the Year: A Winter Day of Reflection

January 2, Saturday, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Online via Zoom
Presenter: Mary Hartrich

Many have said that they are looking forward to saying goodbye to 2020 and hello to a new year. What better way to make that a transition more prayerful than to intentionally invite God’s perspective into what you learned from your experiences this past year, and to ask for grace as you discern God’s invitation for the future. This silent personal mini-retreat includes brief presentations leading you through four movements of an Examen, guidelines for prayer, and abundant time for reflection and journaling—all designed to help you look back on the previous year and look ahead to the new year with hope.
Funding available from CJE. Please contact us!
QUESTIONS? Call (206) 329-4824 or email Andrea Fontana
Sponsored by the Ignatian Spirituality Center




Ignatian Reflection for Our Times - (Email Oct. 26, 2020)

Dear colleagues,

We send warm greetings on these chilly autumn days that remind us of our earth’s entry into a time of lying fallow.  Let this be an invitation for all of us—to follow the natural energies of life in finding rest amidst our seeming constant action.  In the Ignatian tradition, the density of this present moment is balanced by contemplation in spaces-in-between.

Please find below opportunities for both action and contemplation as we work together to educate leaders for a just and humane world.

- Jen and the CJE team

CJE Program Updates:

  • Soul Sessions - an opportunity to boost to one’s spirit and discern what is most important in this time.  In the spirit of the Ignatian call to be “contemplatives in action,” Soul Sessions provide a brief and accessible time to breathe, reflect, and find inspiration for the path ahead. Details below.
  • Teaching in the Jesuit Tradition - These conversations are an opportunity to connect with diverse faculty colleagues around themes that are important to our work as teachers at a Jesuit institution. Details below. 

Soul Sessions

In order to reflect upon and make meaning of our individual and collective realities, the Center for Jesuit Education welcomes you to a series called “Soul Sessions,” an opportunity to boost to one’s spirit and discern what is most important in this time.  In the spirit of the Ignatian call to be “contemplatives in action,” Soul Sessions provide a brief and accessible time to breathe, reflect, and find inspiration for the path ahead. 

Soul Sessions will be offered each Monday on Zoom from 12:30-12:45, facilitated by our SU colleagues. This fall, facilitators include Jason Wirth, Jodi O’Brien, Fr. Steve Sundborg, Mary Kay Brennan, Eddie Salazar, Jen Tilghman-Havens and Kent Koth.

To receive “Soul Session” Zoom links in your Outlook calendar, email:
You can attend every week, or drop in when you’re able. If you miss a session, they will be available on the CJE website

Teaching in the Jesuit Tradition

We invite you to join a new faculty community of conversation, called 
Teaching in the Jesuit Tradition – Practices and Pedagogies that Deepen Learning.

The purpose of these “coffee chats” is to foster conversation about teaching in the Jesuit Tradition, centered on Ignatian Pedagogy (see below for the topics of each session).  These conversations are an opportunity to connect with diverse colleagues around themes that are important to our work as teachers at a Jesuit institution. An interactive Canvas site will provide the framework for facilitators and participants to share ideas and access helpful materials.    

Seminars will be held twice each quarter for an hour. Presentations will be brief with ample time devoted to sharing best practices. You are welcome to attend one or all sessions. New faculty are encouraged to attend, but all faculty are welcome to join. Please feel free to spread the word! 

The first meeting will be held on October 28, Wednesday, 2:15-3:15.
Please RSVP to to receive an Outlook invitation with Zoom link.

October 28, Wednesday, 2:15-3:15:
Creating context – Teaching and learning as whole people 

  • Learn and share tools for uncovering context and building relationships in the classroom. 
  • Co-facilitated by Jen Tilghman-Havens and Jenny Loertscher

November 20, Friday, 9:30-10:30:  
Reflective practices that help make meaning in the classroom 

  • Learn and share tools for promoting and using reflective practices in the classroom and beyond 
  • Co-facilitated by Mary Kay Brennan and Jenny Loertscher

Reimagining Racial Justice 

November 14, Saturday, 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Online via Zoom
Presenters: Rev. Victoria Carr-Ware, Jimmy McCarty, Marilyn Nash
Suggested donation: $20

What metaphors, stories, images and theologies occupy our imaginations and how are they helpful or harmful to the work of racial justice? Join us for the first morning of reflection in this year's This Ignatian Life series on "Reimagining” important issues in our daily life and culture. As a spirituality center, we offer you this program to ground ourselves in Ignatian imagination, prayer and reflection as “contemplatives in action” sustained for the long work toward racial justice. 

Rooted in their own lives and experiences, presenters Rev. Victoria Carr-Ware (Ecumenical and Multifaith Campus Minister, Seattle University), Jimmy McCarty (Director, Center for Equity and Inclusion, University of Washington Tacoma) and Marilyn Nash (Spiritual Director, Licensed Massage Therapist and Educator) will use story, conversation, and imaginative prayer to invite us into the bold honesty and vulnerability needed to help us reexamine our belief systems and then inspired by Spirit, to reimagine our work together toward racial justice. Sponsored by the Ignatian Resource Center


Wrestling With Whiteness
Nov. 10th, Nov 17th, Nov 24th and Dec. 1st
Tuesdays, 3:30-5:30pm

The training will create a shared understanding of white supremacy culture, reflect on how it lives in us and shapes our lives, and utilize the gifts of Ignatian spirituality to prayerfully consider how we free ourselves to think and act outside of the dictates of white supremacy culture.  Participants will learn to articulate their own story of whiteness, opportunity and privilege and analyze how their work is impacted by implicit bias and white supremacy.  Participants will get equipped with tactics of resistance to train, organize and move other white people in the work of dismantling white supremacy.  
Sponsored by the Jesuits West Office of Faith Doing Justice
More info and registration here


Making Sure Every Vote Counts

Vigil to Celebrate and Defend Democracy
 October 26, 4-5:30pm. 
You can join the vigil through this 
zoom link or on Facebook

As we navigate this tumultuous election season, many of us are feeling anxious and frightened about the ways our democratic institutions are being challenged.  Prayer and action are two wonderful antidotes to despair.  So we invite you to join us in vigil, in support of county election officers as they face a perhaps weeks long process of making sure every vote is counted, and calling on our elected officials and our communities to recommit ourselves to full the democratic process. 
Sponsored by the Jesuits West Province Office of Faith Doing Justice




Ignatian Reflection for Our Times - (Email Sept. 16, 2020)

Welcome to the fall quarter!   

In the midst of so much complexity and pain in our region and world, we welcome you to engage in meaningful opportunities for learning, building community and being inspired for action, both within our community of Seattle University and within the larger community of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities.  Please see below for several opportunities this fall related to racial equity, social justice, civic engagement, environmental sustainability, and spiritual tools for complex times.

Our CJE team this year includes faculty members Kristi Lee of the College of Education, Jenny Loertscher in Science and Engineering, and Mary Kay Brennan in the College of Arts & Sciences, who will each be serving in various capacities in their work as Faculty Associates for the Center for Jesuit Education.  Welcome Kristi, Jenny and Mary Kay!

As always, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you or your team to engage in conversation, formation and learning about how your work can be enlivened or deepened as it aligns with SU’s Jesuit Mission.  Please contact us at for a conversation about possibilities.

Be well and stay healthy and safe,

The CJE Team


Celebration of Spirit:  In lieu of the Mass of the Holy Spirit, please join together with the SU community to  usher in the start of the academic year with voices and wisdom from a  variety of faith traditions within our community:


Zen Meditation for Daily Living
October 1, 8, 15, 22
12:30-1:30 p.m.
Via zoom

Have you ever considered meditation? The Center for Jesuit Education invites faculty and staff to explore the practice of meditation (inspired by the Zen tradition) and how it can enhance your daily life. We will meet four Thursdays at 12:30 for an hour. The sessions will be led by Eddie Daichi Salazar. Feel free to come with your curiosity, questions and “beginner’s mind.” All are welcome, and no experience with any kind of meditation is required, however, attendance at the first session on October 1 is required. For more information and to RSVP for the zoom link, please contact Eddie Salazar (


Reimagining the Impact Factor: The Ignatian Research Paradigm

A Thematic Faculty Learning Community, facilitated by:
Kristi Lee (College of Education) and Jen Tilghman-Havens (Center for Jesuit Education)
Fridays, October 23, 30 and November 6, 10:55am-12:25 pm

How can faculty scholarship contribute to the common good?  How does Seattle University’s Jesuit mission invite a reimagining of research and scholarship in light of our distinctive place within the academy?  This Faculty Learning Community will explore these questions in light of the university’s mission and through the directives of the SU Advance Program (an NSF-sponsored grant to examine pathways to promotion for women faculty in STEM and beyond): Registration 

Co-sponsored by the Center for Jesuit Education, ICTC, the SU Advance Program, and the Center for Faculty Development

The Ignatian Family Teach-in for Justice - October 19-26

Please consider attending the Ignatian Family Teach-in for Justice, a virtual conference for all faculty, staff and students engaged in Jesuit institutions who are interested in issues of social justice.  The Center for Jesuit Education is providing subsidies for faculty and staff participants from SU.  Please contact Eddie Salazar if you are interested in attending.


Ignatian Pedagogy and Sustainability Conference:

If you are interested in learning more how to integrate Ignatian Pedagogy with Environmental Sustainability, please consider attending this virtual conference, sponsored by the Integral Ecology Affinity Group of the AJCU.


Take the 21-day Racial Equity Challenge!

The Ignatian Solidarity Network is offering a 21-day Racial Equity Challenge.  Especially if you identify as white and you are interested in furthering your commitment to racial justice, please sign up for this easy to follow, inspiring challenge.

Jesuits West CORE: Collaborative Organizing for Racial Equity

The Jesuits West Province has made a commitment to organize for racial justice and equity, and has created a toolkit to aid others in this work.  Please find resources for public action and organizing, personal formation.


Voting is an Act of Love

Please join Jesuit organizations across the country in an effort to get out the vote this fall!

Also, please see the Jesuits’ recently created guide entitled:
Contemplation and Political Action: An Ignatian Guide to Civic Engagement  


CJE Team News 

Director of the Center for Jesuit Education, Jen Tilghman-Havens, published an article in the most recent issue of Jesuit Higher Education: A Journal, entitled “The Ignatian Leader as Global Citizen.”  





Ignatian Reflections for Our Times - (Email June 1, 2020)


Dear Colleagues in Mission,

We write with heavy hearts at the profoundly unsettling manifestations of systemic racism that have emerged over the past several weeks, continuing to reveal the consistent thread of racism and white supremacy embedded in our culture throughout our nation’s history. 

We recognize that our Jesuit mission calls us to stand up, show up, and speak out against injustice and inequality and that at the heart of our mission is a Gospel that exhorts us to walk with those who are persecuted. 

We acknowledge and honor the anger that so many of us are feeling about how deeply the killing of innocent black lives violate the Catholic principle of human dignity and the worth inherent in every individual.

We pray for the loved ones of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and the countless others who have watched as the lives of their black and brown sons, daughters, siblings, colleagues, and friends have been taken from them.

We honor our colleagues of color who experience the effects of racism and white supremacy daily, even here at SU. We see you. We see your constant efforts, and we ask that you let us know what you need.

We also stand in solidarity and hope with members of our community who are undocumented as the Supreme Court makes its final decision about DACA in these weeks.

We invite our white colleagues to engage deeply to learn about the roots of racial injustice and to actively discern their role in the work of dismantling it.  We ask that you let us know how we can support this ongoing discernment.

We refuse to take for granted today the breath that gives us life and which animates us to work for justice in the world; and we refuse to hide our faces from the many ways breath is stifled.

Below we share a letter from Fr. Arturo Araujo, SJ, Rector of the Arrupe Jesuit Community on the challenge of this moment.  We also offer a number of resources, including some that emerged from the Women in Mission Retreat this past weekend, when a virtual circle of women grieved and grappled together about Pentecost’s powerful images of breath and fire in inspiring us to respond to injustice in our world.

In peace and with a commitment to justice,

Jen, Joe and Eddie

Jen Tilghman-Havens, Joe Orlando, Eddie Salazar

Center for Jesuit Education


Dear Colleagues and Friends of Seattle University,

As Rector of the Jesuits at Seattle University, I want to manifest my indignation and heartbreak in solidarity with many others across our nation in condemnation of the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, and so many others before such as Eric Garner and Freddie Gray, which reveal a complete disregard for the lives and dignity of People of Color in our nation.

This time of pandemic has revealed the unjust structure of racism that is at the core of this recurring incidence of mutilation of human life. We are facing the bankruptcy of a society built upon the disregard of humanity we received equally from God.

On the Church’s feast of Pentecost, celebrated this year on May 31, we celebrate the Christian belief that the life-giving breath of God is in the air of this world.  Sadly, two other forces in our world’s air at this time are death-dealing: the infection carried through the air by the Covid-19, and the racism that suffocates those who died crying out for air. 

Pentecost is a reminder that the breath of God knocks on our doors, inviting us to assist in creating a healthier and safer world, more just and loving, and more able to receive God’s breath.

Fr. Arturo Araujo, SJ


Arrupe House, Jesuit Community


Resources for Reflection, Learning and Action


“how to breathe when you want to give up”

by cleo wade


today I am breathing through fatigue, fear, and

feeling overwhelmed.

I breathe because when I breathe, I am

reminded that I’m alive

I am reminded that to fill my body with

air means that I have the ability to keep going.

I am reminded that my time on earth may be short

but it can be powerful if I dedicate it to love and fairness.

when I breathe

I am reminded of Mary Oliver when she wrote,

“tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one

wild and precious life?”

so I breathe

and let my breath

turn into a smile that says back to her,

“as much as I can.”


(image by Brother Mickey McGrath, OSFS)


 “Every Breath is a Blessing” by SU colleague Angelique Davis 

For white colleagues: European Dissent


Highly Recommended Books and Videos:


Anderson, C. (2016). White rage: The unspoken truth of our racial divide. Bloomsbury Publishing, USA

Coates, T. (2015). Between the world and me (First edition.). New York: Spiegel & Grau.

DiAngelo, R. (2018). White fragility: Why it’s so hard to talk to white people about racism. Boston, MA: Beacon Press.

Dyson, M. E. (2017). Tears we cannot stop: A sermon to white America. St. Martin's Press.

Dyson’s 2019 Mission Day Presentation at SU

Hooks, B. (2014). Teaching to transgress. Routledge.

Kendi, I. X. (2017). Stamped from the beginning: The definitive history of racist ideas in America. Random House.

Kendi, I. X. (2019). How to be an antiracist. One World/Ballantine.

Bryan Massingale, Racial Justice and the Catholic Church. Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 2010.

Bryan Massingale’s keynote presentation at the Jesuit Commitment to Justice Conference, Seattle University, August 2017



Ignatian Reflections for Our Times - Late Spring 2020

Dear colleagues,

Cura Personalis (care for the whole person) is an Ignatian term with a deep resonance and meaning in the Jesuit mission of Seattle University.  It is the principle that underlies our commitment to “educating the whole person,” it echoes in our core values (“We put the good of students first”), and it even appears on the jackets of our Public Safety officers, guiding their approach to promoting health, safety and well-being. 

While we often think of it as a way to care for others, Cura Personalis also includes an essential call to self-care.  A holistic educational approach emerges from those who practice a holistic care for themselves. 

In the midst of these stressful days, as we all juggle the pressures of work and home in a time of pandemic, we encourage each of you to pursue Cura Personalis grounded in self-care.  We share a few resources below and invite you to take time to nourish your spirit, mind and body as you navigate these days.

Please know that our team is available to you to support your health and well-being in any way we can – feel free to email any of us to connect.

Below we also provide some updates and opportunities from the Center for Jesuit Education and our partners.

With gratitude for each of you, and prayers for your families,

The Center for Jesuit Education Staff

Joe Orlando
Jen Tilghman-Havens
Eddie Salazar


A Few Resources for Self-Care:          

Spirituality Resources:

Seven Spiritual Strategies for a Time of Pandemic (Marina McCoy, Boston College)

A Video Prayer Of Praise and Hope by Christine Valters Paintner


Six Self-Care Strategies

Mindfulness, Hope and Compassion: A Leader’s Road Map to Renewal

Music & Poetry Resources:

Yo-Yo Ma playing #SongsOfComfort on YouTube

Wendell Berry reading his poem: “The Peace of Wild Things”


Updates & Opportunities:

  • The Center for Jesuit Education continues to recruit for next year’s SEEL Retreat (Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life over the course of nine months). If you are interested in exploring this idea, feel free to email Jen or Joe and visit the SEEL website:
  • The online academic journal, Jesuit Higher Education: A Journalhas announced a call for submissions of articles exploring the Universal Apostolic Preferences (UAPs) of the Society of Jesus, and their implications for Jesuit colleges and universities. The Journal hopes to provide AJCU, the International Association of Jesuit Universities, and the Society of Jesus with longer, scholarly, in-depth discussions of how the universities (part of the "intellectual apostolate" of the Society) contribute to the promotion, implementation and integration of the preferences. For more information, contact the general editor Dr. Kari Kloos of Regis University (
  • This week marks the 5th Anniversary of Pope Francis’ Encyclical, Laudato Si
    Learn how to get involved:






Ignatian Reflections for Our Times - Mid Spring 2020

Dear colleagues,

In this time of uncertainty, we are eager to connect with you and provide resources of hope.  Throughout the past 500 years, Jesuit education has faced many opportunities to adapt to a changing world, and St. Ignatius believed strongly in flexibility as Jesuits embraced “the signs of the times.”  Each of you is facing challenges you haven’t endured before, and as we enter into this new normal, we appreciate and affirm all that you continue to uphold and deepen our Jesuit mission in this new context.

In this newsletter, we provide CJE program updates, we remember Fr. Peter Ely, SJ, and we offer resources for Jesuit educators in a period of Covid-19.  

Please continue to be in touch, and to share the ways that you are finding meaning and purpose, consolations and desolations in this time.


CJE Program Updates:

  • Arrupe Seminar continues to meet via Zoom, please contact Jen Tilghman-Havens for link
  • Colleagues in Jesuit Education will meet on May 7, Thursday, at 4:00-5:30pm.
    Please request the zoom link at 
  • Women in Jesuit Mission brought together 39 women on April 23 and is pursuing options for a virtual May retreat.  Stay tuned!
  • SEEL: Are you interested in participating in the Spiritual Exercises in Everyday Life retreat next year?  If so, we’d welcome the chance to talk with you about this 9-month retreat in daily life, based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius. If you are interested in exploring this idea, feel free to email Jen or Joe, and visit the SEEL website at:


Gratefully Remembering Fr. Peter Ely, SJ

We remember with fondness our colleague Fr. Peter Ely, SJ, who passed away on Saturday, April 11th as he was returning to Campion Hall from a walk in the sunshine. Peter was a beloved teacher, retreat leader, spiritual director, mission leader and friend to all who knew him on our campus and beyond. While at Seattle University, Peter served as Rector of the Arrupe Jesuit Community, Professor in THRS and Vice President for Mission and Ministry. His support and vision helped to create the Arrupe Seminar on the Foundations and Vision of Jesuit Higher Education, the Catholic Heritage Lectures, the Interreligious Dialogue Initiative, and the Institute for Catholic Thought and Culture. Peter leaves a great legacy that will live on and bring hope to many on our campus and beyond. He also leaves many of us with memories of his willingness to enter into conversation, his wit and laughter, his authenticity and his curiosity and wonder at the great questions of humankind. 

Please visit the Gratefully Remembering Fr. Peter Ely page where you can send a rememberance


Spirituality, Jesuit Education, and Social Justice




The First Spiritual Exercises





6:45 - 8:15 PM (PST)



Register HERE by April 29, 2020


Suggested articles: 


Sheltering in Place: How I Find Stillness During Crisis - Yes Magazine

'Prayer Is Not Enough.' The Dalai Lama on Why We Need to Fight Coronavirus With Compassion - Time


Jesuit Education:


Ritual, Rhythm, Community: Everything Higher Ed Does Best, the Coronavirus Attacks 

featuring the University of Scranton - Chronicle of Higher Education 

As Covid-19 Erases Line Between Work and Home, Professors Learn to Teach Remotely While Watching Their Kids featuring St. Joseph University - Chronicle of Higher Education


Social Justice:


Catholic Community Services of Western WA Provides Regional Opportunities for Reaching Out

Ignatian Solidarity Network Offers National Conversations on Social Justice Response to COVID-19


All the best to you are your families and students,

  • The Center for Jesuit Education Staff

Joe Orlando

Jen Tilghman-Havens

Eddie Salazar


  • CJE Faculty Associates 

Kristi Lee

Mary Kay Brennan


  • CJE Jesuit Associate

David Leigh, SJ





Ignatian Reflections for Our Times - Early Spring 2020 


Dear colleagues,

In the midst of this unfamiliar, challenging time, the Center for Jesuit Education hopes to be a resource to you as we move forward as a physically distant but mission-connected community.  Although we cannot gather in the presence of one another (and we are missing you greatly!), we hope to feel more connected virtually and will be reaching out on a regular basis. 

CJE Programming Updates:

  • Arrupe Seminar and Arrupe Seminar 2 will continue to meet via Zoom. 
    Be in touch with Peter or Jen if you haven’t received Zoom invitations.
  • Mission Day has been cancelled, but a variety of resources were sent in the
    recent communication by Fr. Steve on March 30th.
  • We are exploring how to offer a virtual experience of Colleagues in Jesuit Education.  Stay tuned!
  • Women in Mission is exploring a “Zoom WIM lunch” for April. 
    The Women in Mission retreat scheduled for May 1-3 has been cancelled.
    We’re hoping to reschedule for 2020-2021.

We extend our gratitude to each of you as you invest your time, energy and creativity into online teaching, and in serving our students in new and imaginative ways using remote technology.  We also offer a special thanks to those faculty and staff serving the university as essential personnel on campus in these days, especially members of Public Safety, Facilities, IT, Residence Life, and the Health Center.  We are so grateful for your care of our physical campus and the 200 students who remain on campus during this time.

Resources and Inspiration:

Spiritual Resources

If you could use spiritual resources, here are a few we appreciate:

Jesuit Educational Resources

Social Justice Issues

And this resource from Ignatian Solidarity Network has important articles on responding to social justice issues raised by the pandemic.


Availability of the CJE Team

We strive to be a place where you can continue to share your inspirations or bring your concerns. Each of us are available for confidential conversation and connection via Zoom or phone, whether simply for connection, consultation or spiritual direction.   Please feel free to email any of us at our email addresses below. 

Please share with us!

If you come upon a poem, video, image, or reflection that can help support and sustain our mission-inspired community during this time, please send it our way to

Below are some additional resources from our Jesuit tradition that you may find helpful.

With confidence in our resilient community, and with gratitude for all you are doing to keep SU’s mission, vision and values alive,

The CJE Team

The Center for Jesuit Education Staff

Joe Orlando
Jen Tilghman-Havens
Eddie Salazar 

CJE Faculty Associates 

Kristi Lee
Mary Kay Brennan 

CJE Jesuit Associates

Peter Ely, SJ
David Leigh, SJ 

Further Resources: 

Fr. Arturo Sosa, SJ – Video Message in Response to the Pandemic

Ignatian Spirituality Center Spiritual Direction Connections
The ISC has a spiritual director matching service and the spiritual directors are able to meet virtually.

The Novena of Grace (March 10-18) was recorded and can be accessed online!
Ignatian Spirituality Center’s Annual Novena of Grace: Turn to the Waters of Life
Be inspired by the preaching of three presenters steeped in the Ignatian tradition and vision, offer up your deepest desires in prayer, and join a faith-filled community virtually. Pray with us any or all of the nine days to experience God’s abundant grace!

Did you know that you can take a virtual tour of the Chapel of St. Ignatius?

Jesuit Prayer Resources During the Coronavirus Pandemic