Ignatian Practices and Action for Justice

Ignatian Practices

The Examen

Practical approach to discernment that if practiced daily, over the course of days and months, can provide direction in one’s life. A former colleague likens the example of the child’s game of connecting the dots like practicing the Examen.  As the line is drawn from one dot to the next, a picture begins to appear. Same is true in using the Examen as a practice of discernment, over time - each day practiced - it becomes clearer, a truer and deeper understanding of where one is being led.

Ignatian Tools - Examen 


A REFLECTION ON THE IGNATIAN YEAR                                            18 Oct 2021 | Andrea Fontana

(Inspired by  https://www.jesuits.org/spirituality/ignatian-year/) 

This reflection is centered around the theme of the Ignatian Year, which the Jesuits are inviting all of us to celebrate with them through next July.   It’s called the Ignatian Year because May 20th of this year marked the 500th anniversary of St. Ignatius’ conversion — 500 years since a cannonball struck the soldier, shattered his legs and confined him to bedrest for months. If it hadn’t been for that painful injury, Ignatius never would have read the stories of Christ and the saints, never would have reevaluated his life, committed himself to God’s work, written the Spiritual Exercises or founded the Jesuits, who in turn founded Seattle U.   

The invitation of this Ignatian Year is to meditate on the moment in St. Ignatius’ life that caused him to embark on a journey - to re-examine life, discern between spirits, and choose a more authentic and just way of being in the world.  This exercise is designed to help us begin to reflect on our own “cannonball moments,” and to discern how we too might be called to see things in a new way and live more fully into who we’re meant to be as we re-enter life and work this quarter.    

Ignatian Tools - Reflection for the Ignatian Year


Action for Justice

Welcoming our Afghan Allies and Neighbors  

In the last month, hundreds of people from Afghanistan have arrived in the Puget Sound area.  Here are some national and local opportunities to respond to the needs of our new neighbors:

Advocating for Women and Girls in Afghanistan

NPR: “What Women's Advocacy Groups Worldwide Are Doing For Women In Afghanistan”

Obama Foundation’s “Ways to Support Women and Girls in Afghanistan”

Christ calls us to serve a world in need. Be a Jesuit