Ignatian Contemplative Practices and Actions for Justice

In the Jesuit tradition of being “contemplatives in action,” we offer you the following resources to explore new contemplative practices and to take actions for justice that respond to the times:

A Reflection on the Ignatian Year

This year Jesuits worldwide have invited all of us to celebrate an Ignatian Year marking the 500th anniversary of Ignatius’ conversion, when a cannonball shattered Ignatius’ leg and way of being, and set him on a path “to see all things new.”  A Reflection on the Ignatian Year is an exercise meant to help you to reflect on your own “cannonball moments” and to discern how you too might be called to see things in a new way—hopefully living more fully into who you are meant to be as you re-enter life and work this quarter.    


Archive of contemplative practices:




Support Truth and Healing in the History of Indigenous Boarding Schools

Until the 1960s, federal Indian Boarding School policies aimed to assimilate Indigenous peoples into white American culture, compelling Indigenous students to attend boarding schools and prohibiting them from speaking their language or practicing their culture. Many suffered abuse and some never returned home, their bodies buried at the schools.  An estimated 100,000 children attended these schools — many of which were run by Catholic religious orders, including the Jesuits.  The impacts of intergenerational trauma from this history continue to be experienced in many Tribal communities today.  Click here to learn more about this history and how you can act by supporting a federal Truth and Healing Commission. 


Archive of actions for justice:

Welcoming our Afghan Neighbors and Allies + Advocating for Women and Girls in Afghanistan  

Christ calls us to serve a world in need. Be a Jesuit