Information Technology Services

Technical Purchasing

  •  User Liaison for Faculty and Staff technical purchases. 

    While the name implies we are purchasing, all University purchases were moved to the Seattle University purchasing team in 2014.  Technical purchasing provides quotes for Seattle University supported computer; laptops and monitors which you can print from the links below. We can also work with our vendors to provide you unique quotes for special requests.

    About Forms: 

    Purchase Request

    Tablet and Nonstandard Laptop Authorization Form   *Non-standard issue computers require CIO approval.

    Tablet computers (e.g. iPads, Surfaces, Netbooks, and Chromebooks) are consumer devices, which do not live up to enterprise standards for security or device management. They are generally not suitable as a user’s only computing device and would not replace a desktop or laptop. Therefore, their cost is additive to University technology costs. For these reasons, Information Technology Services (ITS) has not been funded to purchase or support tablet computers.

    Standard Quotes 

    Standard Quotes are workstation items supported by ITS, desktop services team.  Quotes for standard computers and monitors can be printed from here.

    Desktop Computers

    Dell OptiPlex 9020                                                                                                    
    Apple iMac 21.5

    Laptop Computers

    Dell Latitude 5450 Laptop

    Apple MacBook Pro  


    19" Monitor 
    22" Monitor 
    24" Monitor 
    27" Monitor  

    Software Requests

    To have one of the following installed on your University-owned machine, please contact the Help Desk at 206-296-5571 or ).  Please provide them with the following information. 

    1. Which software?
    2. How many people need the license?
    3. Name of End User(s)
    4. Location of PC(s)

    Ticket will be created and routed to technical purchasing.  Technical Purchasing will provide you with a software quote which you will attach to a purchase request and have routed to Seattle University Purchasing, CLMB 2 nd  Floor

    Microsoft Visio Professional 2013  

    Microsoft Project Professional 2013   

    FileMaker Pro  

    Adobe Acrobat Professional  

    Adobe Master Collection (Master Collection includes: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop Extended, Acrobat, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Contribute, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Audition, SpeedGrade, Prelude, and Encore)

    How do I place my order? 

    1. Print and complete a purchase requisition form.
    2. Attach your product quote to the purchase request form.
    3. Have your finance manager sign the purchase order (approval signature), include the full 13-digit SU budget number.
    4. Submit the purchase requisition form with the original signature of the cost center manager along with any quotes or estimates to Technical Purchasing, located on the first floor of 1313 E. Columbia. Please keep a signed copy for your records. (We cannot accept copies of purchase requisitions, faxes or emails). 


    • What exactly is a quote?  A document with a valid “quote number” is a binding agreement between Seattle University and the vendor they will honor the price quoted at the time of your request, most quotes provided include a special educational discount.

    • Quotes:  All purchase requisitions for Seattle University need a quote in order to be processed. Note: Printed shopping carts are not quotes and do not offer educational discounts.

    • What are peripherals?  Keyboards; mice; external hard drives; thumb drives; computer speakers; web cams; adapters; label printers; shredders, projectors, projector lamps, cameras, tripods, lights, microphones, equipment mounts; televisions.

      • Why doesn’t Technical Purchasing provide quotes for computer peripherals?  Prices change frequently and are not ordered often enough or in high enough volume to receive an educational discount.  The purchasing department will always source the best price for your requested item.

    • Standard Computer: download the quote provided on this site. Attach with your purchase request.

    • Nonstandard Computers:  Contact and we will work with our approved vendors to provide you with a quote.  All non-standard computers (including tablets; Chromebooks and netbooks) must have an authorization form submitted with your PO request form.

    • Laptop Cable Lock: A laptop cable lock will be provided by desktop services and must be used to secure the device to a sturdy home or office desk.

    • Multiple vendor orders:  If you are ordering from more than one vendor you will need to submit separate purchase requisitions for each vendor. (example:  Dell PC and CDW Monitors would be two purchase requests)  Why?  Different vendors, different billing).

    • ALL purchase requisitions need a quote in order to be processed. Note: Printed shopping carts are not legal quotes.
    • Signature requirements:  Totals $5,000 or more, including tax, it must also be signed by the Assistant Vice President (AVP) for Finance and Administration, located in USVC 104. 

    • Routing:  Regardless of the item you are ordering, all approved paperwork goes to CLMB, 2nd floor.

      • Purchase requests received without a quote and/or approval signature will be returned, delaying your order fulfillment.

      • Quality check:  ITS Technical Purchasing will review all P.O.s for computer; monitor or software purchase requests prior to these orders being processed by Seattle University Purchasing Team.

      • Orders received:  Orders received by ITS are assigned to desktop services for imaging and or delivery.  Peripherals are mailed directly to end user.

      • Invoices received:  Invoices mailed to ITS will be matched to purchase orders and routed to finance contact listed on your original order

    What happens next?
    • Facilities Purchasing will submit the order, generating a P.O. #. At this point the product has been ordered with the vendor. Please allow 10-14 business days for most orders. (Ext 2639)
    • Computer; monitor; software orders will be delivered to ITS. Desktop Support will configure and deliver the item to the person listed as the “Deliver to” on the purchase requisition.Questions about delivery should be directed to Desktop Support via the Help Desk at 206-296-5571 or .
    • Peripheral orders will be delivered directly from the vendor to the person listed as the “Deliver to” on the purchase requisition form. If you have an issue with the item after it has been delivered, contact Purchasing, they will work with the vendor to resolve the problem. (Ext 2639)
    • Invoices are mailed by vendors to the person listed as the “Billing Contact” on the purchase requisition form. For questions on how to process an invoice for payment, contact the Controller’s Office.  (Ext. 5880)

    SU Approved Vendors 

    Apple   Kelly Mathews  
    Examples: Apple specific computers & adapters, iPads  
    CDW-G   Lance McMillan  
    Examples: Cables and adapters, web cams, external hard drives, projectors, software, other misc.  
    Dell   Betsy Bromley  
    Examples: Desktop & laptop computers, monitors  

     PLEASE NOTE:  Tablets are not supported by ITS however we can assist you with connectivity.  Windows 8 & Windows 10 are not supported by ITS.  Cell Phones are managed through the Seattle University Bookstore.