Turning Off Action Items, Bing Maps & Outlook Add-Ins


How to turn off action items, Bing maps and other Outlook add-ins.  


Outlook Desktop Application

1. From the Inbox, click File > Manage Add-Ins

2. This will bring up the Office 365 login screen. Login with your username@seattleu.edu username and password. 

3. A list of default add-ins is shown. You can then choose Disable for the Bing Maps add-in. Repeat for each add-in you wish to disable. 

Using Office 365 Web Application (outlook.com/seattleu.edu)

1. Select the gear icon and choose Manage apps

2. Select the add-in you wish to disable and deselect the "Turned on" checkbox.   

Repeat for each add-in you wish to disable.