Switching from WebNow to ImageNow


All users have been migrated from WebNow to the main ImageNow (Perceptive Content) Desktop Client. Follow this article to switch from WebNow to ImageNow.


NOTE: ImageNow may also be referred to as Perceptive Content.

WebNow relies on Java which is changing licensing models this January.  As part of this change, we will be migrating all users from WebNow to the main ImageNow (Perceptive Content) Desktop Client.

  • If the Customer has a University-owned Windows PC, please create a Desktop Appointment for them to have ImageNow installed on their desktop.  
  • The Active Directory Security Group that Faculty and Staff require is WEBNOW-USERS-VDI. Anyone that needs access to ImageNow over VDI may have access to this group.
  • For instructions on how to use Perceptive Content Desktop Client, skip past the virtual desktop instructions below.
  • If you have a Mac or a personal device, you will need to use VDI at desktop.seattleu.edu.  Instructions for this are below.


How to access Perceptive Content/ImageNow via SeattleU’s virtual desktop (For Mac Users).


1) Enter https://desktop.seattleu.edu in your browser.

2) Click on the icon on the right called, “VMware Horizon HTML Access”. See the image below.



 vmware horizon


3) Enter your SU User name and password and click login.


imagenow step 3


4) Once logged in click on “ITSAPPs”.


imagenow step 4



Using Perceptive Content Desktop Client


5) Click on the Perceptive Content app. It’s the yellow circle.


imagenow step 5



6) Enter your SU User name and password in the Perceptive Content login screen and click Connect.


imagenow step 6


7) Once logged into Perceptive Content click on Documents and select the type of application and documents you would like to view.


imagenow step 7


8) In the search box enter the student’s SU ID (Colleague number) and click go to view the application and documents associated with that student


imagenow step 8


9) Double click on each document you wish to view.